Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Some good Questions..

Jill ask some good questions. I don't really think some of the things I think about are blog worthy or you just don't want to know my opinions on some things.....but since she asked.

"Jill said: How have your older children handled David joining the family,has this stirred up any feelings with your daughter who was adopted?And how has this adoption differed from your other one?Im so nosey."

My older girls (not at home) think I'm crazy. We're out of the house, cranky girl can take care of herself. You had us young. Enjoy life kinda thinking! But they love & except David as their brother. But because they don't live at home, they do not have day to day interactions with him. My older daughter who has my 2 perfect grand babies (if you knew how young I am, you'd laugh at that) my grandson is 6 months older than my son. We try to get them together once a week to play.
As far as adoption issues, the one that is adopted wanted a baby *whatever* since she was little. But we told her, too bad, you ARE the baby. But low & behold 18 yrs later she gets her wish. She loves him to death. And was the one talking fast & hard when we were undecided if we were going to adopt him or not. So her issues, whatever they may have been,are, I think resolved for her. Adoption to her is the same as being born into a family, two paths that lead to the same parents. (her words)
This adoption was completely different from the last one. The first was private and cost an arm, leg & 2 hearts and took place in 3 states with 4 lawyers. It took 8 yrs to complete. And if I may be so bold. I think God got tired of me living at the foot of His throne. I'm sure on more than one occasion He said, "D, go away, I've heard this already." There's more to this story. But I've tried to put it down in words before, many times before, and well, I just can't. (sorry, Mindy.) Words fail me. Tears over take me. Emotions for some reason are as fresh as they were 19 yrs ago. I can say I've never been closer in my walk with God as I was during this time...Because I lived at the foot of His throne.
This adoption was done thru "the system". Compared to the last one, this was a cake walk. It was just a matter of waiting. We didn't put our emotions out there til TPR had been done & we knew it was just a waiting game, and jumping through *DFACS* hoops. And it only cost 3 months worth of StarBucks coffee, instead of a house & used car.
Our Sw asked, "which do you think was best, private or system." After I fought the urge to smack her. I said, " I don't know. Depends,would I rather be run over by a semi-truck or just a SUV.
Nothing is too nosey. Just be prepared for the answer. :)


Lovingmyamazinglife said...

I needed to read this today,as we face taking in a possible fosterchild who is hopefully "headed" to TPR.Were shaking in our boots.

Perri said...

Where is my comment from today? I love what your daughter said about adoption....so much I added it to my sidebar. If everyone understood that - the world (at least my part of it) would be so much nicer.

SonSon said...

There's nothing like the throne room is there?

It's great that you're willing to share and be open with your experiences. Even better that you can be entertaining with them lol