Monday, June 30, 2008


Where else can you find 1 cent pony & fire engine rides?
They are now 1.50-2.00 in our local mall. But if you ever find yourself in Shelbyville, KY at Kroger*, it is there you will find this amazing thing! 2 amazing things, as a matter of fact. The ride of a life time for a 2 yr old. Worth every penny.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


la-la-la-la-lalaaaaaa! We got it, we got it.

Oh, you want to know WHAT we got....

The Boys Birth Certificate! We were told by the Atty. not to expect anything for 9-12 months.

It's only been about 2 months. Finally, a government agency that did their job in a timely manner. I'm sure it was a mistake!

Very strange birth cert. from this particular state, (he was not born in the state we live in)

They put my maiden name on there. Looks like we weren't married! No married name for me.

Do they do that in the state where you live? Just curious.
(The picture above was taken at my MIL house, just a boy and his daddy looking for bunnies)

Monday, June 23, 2008


I had to Y'all. I had to!
I am not a person to around smacking ducks and stuff, but do you see those ducks/geese, whatever they are?
I took The Boy to a local pond with 3 bags of stale bread in tow. We sit down to feed them and all the sudden honking duck-geese swarm us! Pecking & biting! The Boy had a piece of bread in his hand to throw and a duck-goose pecked him. What's a mama to do? I did the first thing a mama thinks to do when her baby is being threatened, of course. I reached over and smacked the duck-goose across the mouth and said "NO BITING"! I realized I had just smacked a duck and looked around to see if the duck police had seen me. We were alone. Thank God! Then I gave the duck a talking to about biting other people's kids. I think he understood

Saturday, June 21, 2008


He's a thinker............
or watching Backyardigans.
Yes, that's 2 sippy cups you see. One for milk & one for juice. A boy just never knows
what he might want.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Are cicadas out of their 17 year hibernation in your area?
It seems like they were out in our neck of the woods just a few years ago. So none here, in our drought ensconced state. However when we went on our trip to Ky. They were out in all their ear splitting glory. We stopped the van somewhere between Tn & Ky because we thought there was something wrong with the car. A horrible noise that sounded like air being sucked from the van. When my husband got out, we realized it was cicadas.
We got to my MIL place and you couldn't hear yourself think the trees were so invested with them. After awhile it became a nice sound. I miss it ,,kinda.
Here are a few pictures of our nice friends. The trees were literally covered. The bushes looked like they were moving from the sheer number of the noise makers. And when one got on you and you happened to going into the house or car, the noise would scare you to death it was so loud.
Click on the photos if your want to see them in all their red eyed, buggie glory!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Please feel free to roam about the cabin. Or adopt, or have your home studies complete.
Anything you wish to do is fine. As long as you blog about it.
Our trip was wonderful. KY. had beautiful weather. A good 20 degrees cooler than here. Or maybe it was all the shade trees my MIL has in her yard. AND GET THIS.....IT RAINED!
We haven't seen real rain in ages in this neck of the woods! Rain in the right amounts is a beautiful thing.
I promise to have pictures in the next couple of days. Tomorrow we are off to Ikea* to buy a bedroom suite for The Boy. He officially climbed out of his crib tonight and we can't have that. So my husband will be mumbling bad words while putting together ALL the "some Assembly required" furniture from Ikea*. and since we are getting the whole shebang from there I expect a lot of repenting going on around here. Thus, leaving me in a picture posting limbo, since he's the only one that can download the pix.
So post away my friends. I thought of each and everyone of you, whilst gazing at cows all week!
(not a bad way to spend a few days by the way)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I must insist....

Already Kellie and Nita are doing stuff I told them not to do!
I can NOT MISS one post of the good stuff! I will be sitting in the middle of the cows wondering
how Nita's visit went with the S.W. and if Kellie's home study will go thru so fast she will have been a mama for days before I find out about it.
Just wait, when you guys go on vacation, I'm gonna do something all crazy, like take in 3 sets of twins and post all kinds of crazy stuff while your gone and you'll miss it all! That'll learn ya.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things That Happen In Life

Have you seen the potty training book : It's Potty Time!? It's has a little button to push. It makes a toilet flushing sound & a child laughing manically! VERY LOUDLY! If you've never seen the book, please go to your local book store, find it, and push the button repeatedly. You really need to do it in a confined space that echos, like a small half bathroom to really know my agony. The Boy has NO interest in the potty. When I can get him to sit on the potty, he wants me sit with him in the bathroom with the door shut and he-pushes-the -button-over-and 0ver-and OVER. It drives me crazy. I dislike this book greatly. AND he still doesn't go potty.
We are going to Ky to visit my MIL, who is 93! A remarkable woman. Still mows her own yard, puts in "a little garden" that I can only dream of doing. The drive will drive me insane. Nothing like being in the car with a 2 yr old for 12 hours, who wants nothing more than to be out. My only consulation is maybe it will be cooler there.
So with that being said. Nobody do anything while I'm gone. No computer out in the middle of the cows.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Day in Court H**L

Have you ever had to go to court to testify for a foster child?
This was my first time actually making it to the stand. The other 150 times it was always continued & continued til the child was no long in my home. Thereby causing them not to want to hear anything I had to say. Which in these cases were just fine by me. But I still wasted hours or a half a day hanging out at the court house overhearing conversations best left in private!
So last Friday @ 5:00pm I received a call from the state's atty. asking me what day of my life would I like to waste. So I choose Tuesday. They wanted to make real SURE I made it, so they subpoenaed me.
This was the case for the 6 yr old that left a couple months back. THE most messed up case I have seen to date. And hope never to see another one like it. There is NO reason for a child that young to be in care for 3 yrs. NONE.
I had to be there at 9:00am, they did not call me till 5:00pm! All witnesses had to stay out of the court room & wait to be called in. OHH, the insanity of it all!
When I finally got up there, the first question they asked is, how would he react when told he had a birth parent visit. Typical question, I would think. OHH, but no! The other atty. actually said, if I answered that question, it was HEARSAY??? I could not say/tell anything the boy had said to me. How can I testify when I can't tell you 95% of the interactions that went on in my house? Why did you bother calling me to testify? It lasted a whole 15 minutes, half of which was taken up with telling me to speak UP. I feel like I did absolutely nothing to help this boy. No wonder it's been 3 yrs. Does this huge waste of time & effort really happen in our American judicial system?
May God be with the children waiting in our *foster* system for an adoptive home