Monday, May 23, 2011

When he grows up

The Boy Wants to be:

A Pirate

A Rock Star (I have no idea where he even heard the word, but I'm sure I've got Disney channel to thank for it)

A Bug Scientist

And a Daddy, just like his Daddy.
I'm only slightly proud

Tylenol Changes All Moms Need To Know

What household with infants and children doesn't have Tylenol in the cabinet?
I know I have more than your average household's number of infants and toddlers at any given time. So I probably have more than few different bottles.
As a nurse I know the importance of using the right dosage/dispensers, ie..don't give children's Tylenol to infants. It has more acetaminophen in it. Needless to say not good for an infant. Never, ever use a a regular "eating" teaspoon/tablespoon to give medicine. But at one point in my life I didn't know some of these things. It can be confusing. Always be careful that any child isn't being "doubled up" on acetaminophen. Some couph syrups have it in them, and then we give Tylenol for fever.
Too much acetaminophen can cause some bad things to happen.
Starting as early as this fall, there will be one concentration of acetaminophen
for single ingredient Tylenol products for infants and children. They will continue to have specially dosed syringes for both infants and Children.

Here is a link to a site with some great information that will come in handy when the new Tylenol comes out.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Tylenol and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Monday, May 16, 2011

NO News Is Good News...........right?

Well actually when it comes to #@Dfacs* I guess that's not really true.
and I sit here to type this, I realize there is some news.
(I also realize I wish The Boy hadn't pried the letter I off the computer, it's really a very useful letter)
But in other news.......
Bitsy is still here. Her mother is working her *in-treatment plan. She visits her twice a week. Hopefully this will wake her up,get her off the hard stuff & they will teach her how to parent* sober. We shall see.
Boy #2 who has been here since he was 3 months old, is still in the all too familiar holding pattern/one month it to death til he's 2 1/2 plan. No real rush to find him a home. Which infuriates me to no end. They have no real explanation as to why they are in no big hurry to find him a home.And by the way, there is NO reason not to. This boy is so attached this going to be one huge mess. And you think they care?
Speaking of attached. Remember Boy #1 who went to his *forever# home in December? I begged on bended knee for them to do the ^transition% correctly. And I was just the ignorant foster*parent* (they also didn't listen to the therapist they employed to help)They *transitioned crap-ally,(I just made that a word)as in little to none. Because of his age and time with us, it should have been done alot differently.
I find out he has developed a profound studder. It takes him five minutes to get out a single word and his behaviors have gone through the roof. As in *daycare is barely able to contain him. But I guarantee ##dfcs# does not or will not see that the way they ^transitioned^ has anything to do with it.
When will they realize these are lives, souls, human beings & they are playing *russian roulette with their lives?

Sunday, May 08, 2011


You like my present?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A little Boy's dream game...DaGeDar

From the makers of Zhu Zhu pets comes DaGeDar !! Here is a sneak peek of what I am sure will be this Christmas' must have toy for boys. The Boy,who is king of anything that's round, was dancing around begging to have these "racing balls". I must admit they look pretty cool. I really like the tiger.
Of course all the begging in the world will not get him the racing balls, AKA DaGeDar. They won't be out until later this summer. I bet you can guess who will be
looking for DaGeDar the rest of the summer.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Diet......I hate diets

I am not a diet person. Once upon a time, I could think about dropping 10 pounds and do it. Well thanks to age and hormones (oh how I hate you) In my mind I'm still 25 & 105 lbs. NOT. At 4"11 there's no room for extra pounds. 5 lbs on me looks like 20. So I've been going to the gym 3 times a week for almost a year and the scale has not budged. Not even 1/2 a pound. So I had to actually think about the way I eat and the fact I can no longer eat like I'm 25. So that you don't think I'm 120 lbs and griping about it, ohhhhhhhh NO. I wish. Remember 4"11 & let's say a little over 150 lbs. Not pretty, not pretty at all. So the husband and I decided to go on the Dukan Diet together. (It's based on high protein intake) I'll save you the details. But there is interesting info on how the body burns protein vs carbs & sugar. I was very sceptical when the book said you could drop 2 lbs on the first day of all protein and up to 10 lbs after 5-7 days on the all protein portion.
Well it happened! Those scales had not moved in 2 years no matter what I'd done. It was 2 lbs the fist day on the diet and after 6 days I had lost 8 lbs and the husband 10 lbs.
We started the first phase without the book, because it wasn't out in the U.S yet. It's a French diet. So just being french means it has to work... right?
I must admit all protein gets a bit tedious, but when you see the scale keep going down, you know it's working.
We started phase 2 of the diet yesterday, which adds veggies. So now we will have have one day all protein, one day protein/veggies. All of these are unlimited all day.So it will be interesting to see how much I can loose in this phase of the diet. I stay in this phase for 110 days. It says I should reach my target weight of 115 by August! Then onto a maintenance phase with more foods added.
I just hope I have the will power for this. Because lets face it, almost all diets work, if you can stick to them.
If you're interested in seeing what this one is all about I found this info in the beginning and used it to get started: I found this very helpful and find after getting the book it contains pretty much all the book does, except some recipes.

This is only my opinion. Not paid for or comped. Just wanting to let you in on my misery. Dukan has NO idea who I am or cares. However by the end of this, me and the chicken industry will be on a first name basis.