Sunday, April 15, 2012

Daily Life

This picture has nothing to do with the subject at hand. It's just the only picture I have stored on my computer that it didn't eat when the computer crashed around Christmas time.

And my chief picture puter-on-er is only home every other weekend. So this is all I gots.

In other news...The Two that were, are no more. Not here anyway. I realized I was way in over my therapeutic parenting head when all hades broke loose when the girl child, bullied the Boy to no end ( she knew he was not allowed to defend himself) and then started in on me, kicking, punching, ect. Not to mention getting up on the bed and peeing (as in pulling her pants down on the bed and taking a whiz. All the while clawing her face. I may not know alot, but I do know when I'm in over my head and there's someone else out there that can do a better job and help where I am unable/unwilling to do.

I am now the proud taker-care-of, of a 33 pound behemoth who is in the range of 19 months.

There is a convoluted connection between him and the 2 no longer here. Same sad story, only the names change. He does not talk, not mama, dada, more,eat, nothing. But he sure can out whine the Whiny Girl who left in Dec. Plus it appears to be against his religion to walk, when made to walk he will fall to his knees full force and bang his head on the ground. It makes for lots of fun and crazy stares as people watch you drag said 33 lb child through a parking lot. Then the SW* seems to doubt the story and bmom^ swears he NEVER had this behavior when he was with her. The question begs to be asked,"and how would you know in your *drug induced stupor?" But that appears to be oh so un-PC to say. (call me a trend setter)

On the House looking front~sigh~ We look and look and have yet to come up with anything we can afford or want or isn't too far from his new office. We don't want to go back to his driving 55 miles each way everyday. So the search is still on. But hopefully not for much longer!

...More fun to come...

Monday, April 09, 2012

I don't have a clue

The Boy is learning to write sentences. Sounding the words out for himself. He asked for a "big" piece of paper. So I gave it to him and went on about my business.
I came back in the room later to find this huge sign hanging outside the bathroom door.
It reads, "Dis bathroom is taken and Dis bathroom is not taken. With boxes to check everytime I assume you enter or exit.
When I ask him WHY he thought we needed this poster outside the bathroom door, he said,"I need to know how many times people go in and come out of the bathroom." There are only 2 people in this house that use the bathroom. I don't get it. But it is very important to him to keep this poster up to date.
I will never understand boys.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter Ya'll

The Boy doing the ole Egg Count. Even though he was the only one hunting them, you still have to make sure you got 'em all.
Hope your day was fun & relaxing.
We sent the Daddy back on his way to that "other state". And we sure do miss him already.
We spent all last week, our spring break looking for houses.
We are evidently too poor to live in this state. Every house seems to fall in the 60,000. falling down category or the 1.5 million w/ 10 acres of land category. Nothing in between. Depressing, depressing. All prayers are welcome!
More interesting news to come......