Sunday, April 28, 2013

What a difference a week makes.

The Chicks and Daffy are just over 2 weeks old now. They have to be the fastest growing animals
known. I swear everyday they double in size and Daffy triples! He was the same size ball of fuzz as the chicks 2 weeks ago. He's kind of left them in the dust now. But the chicks are holding their own.
These guys are so messy. No wonder they call them fouls. They foul their water 100 times a day. All I seems to do is clean their water & feed. I can't wait for the next couple of weeks when the temps finally go UP and they feather out, and out to the coop they go. Then I'll worry about if they are OK all night long.

The crops are coming along nicely. All these plants I've grown under the grow light for the past 6 weeks plus the ones I bought Saturday from the local high school AG dept, should round out our garden nicely. Let's just say we are going to be very heavy on the tomatoes this year.

Let's not forget my small crop of Yorkie. He's not been introduced to the chicks yet. I'm afraid his fierce killer instinct may terrorize them.

And last but certainly not least. A Boy enjoying the not really spring yet weather. But any chance to ride his beloved 4 wheeler. Maybe he can use it to herd the chickens & the Yorkie.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Has Finally Sprung or Kind of

All my newly planted bulbs are coming up! But who knows how long the blooms will last with the weather we are having. One day it was 82 and literally the next it was 40! We seem to be bouncing back and forth like that for the next few weeks.
The most exciting news around here is:   I have Chicks! and not just any ole chicks. They are Araucanas. Or Easter Egg chickens, because they lay colored eggs. Pink,green,blue. Oh, and 1 black duck named Daffy. I bet you can guess who weaseled a duck out of the deal.  I have NO idea how the duck is going to live in the run with the chickens. But right now he seems content to just be a chick in the brooder.

                                                       ( day old chicks)

                                                        ( Here at about 1 week old)

Chick sure grow quick! Everyday I go down to clean up the huge mess they make and you can literally see they've grown over night.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Animal Kingdom Lodge

I've wanted to eat at Animal Kingdom Lodge's Boma, forever.Yes,like since I was born.
I weighed 15 lbs more than when I went in, but it was worth every bite. Those Zebra Domes
are to die for. I only showed half my dessert plate, because frankly, I was embarassed that I ate 10 desserts. No, not really. I like to get my money's worth. If you ever have the chance to eat there, go for it.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

You haven't been loved, til you've been loved by LK

Me and LK go way back. (if you want to link to his blog, you can do it from the comments)
Over the years it seems as though Lk has mellowed and so have I.
I have nothing to prove anymore. I know the "truth" from both sides. As a good and decent foster*parent and as an *adptive*parent.
Foster*Care sucks in alot of states/counties. I get his anger. I've seen the "system" fail children. But I have also seen birth*parents abandon their children to "the system" in favor of drugs/alcohol/life style choices, whatever. With NO family members willing to take them in. Those children need a family. Do not condemn me for loving and raising one or a twenty of these children, as my own.
I say all that to say this.
LK, whom I have not heard from in over a year ( I guess I've bored even him with my lack of fostering tales) left this comment on my post about None of your business.
So I decided to answer him.

LK said...

Hi D

Are you afraid of anybody finding out the truth?
1:02 AM

BloggerD said...
OH, LK, you still love me!
NO, I'm not afraid of anyone "finding out". But nobody goes around asking me to tell them all about the day I conceived or delivered the children I gave birth to. Why are my children who happen to be adopted not treated or respected in the same way?

After I answered him, I thought of this. Is our or their story public domain, to be told on demand?
NO, it's not. It belongs to us & those we choose to share it with.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

So We Went On Spring Break

We never go anywhere over Spring Break. Now I remember why. The traffic is terrible! and the drivers.Oh, don't let me get started.
 We went to the house of the richest Mouse on the planet. Need I say more?
I used lots of sun screen. So I didn't come back with a tan.
I just came back with this: