Thursday, April 11, 2013

You haven't been loved, til you've been loved by LK

Me and LK go way back. (if you want to link to his blog, you can do it from the comments)
Over the years it seems as though Lk has mellowed and so have I.
I have nothing to prove anymore. I know the "truth" from both sides. As a good and decent foster*parent and as an *adptive*parent.
Foster*Care sucks in alot of states/counties. I get his anger. I've seen the "system" fail children. But I have also seen birth*parents abandon their children to "the system" in favor of drugs/alcohol/life style choices, whatever. With NO family members willing to take them in. Those children need a family. Do not condemn me for loving and raising one or a twenty of these children, as my own.
I say all that to say this.
LK, whom I have not heard from in over a year ( I guess I've bored even him with my lack of fostering tales) left this comment on my post about None of your business.
So I decided to answer him.

LK said...

Hi D

Are you afraid of anybody finding out the truth?
1:02 AM

BloggerD said...
OH, LK, you still love me!
NO, I'm not afraid of anyone "finding out". But nobody goes around asking me to tell them all about the day I conceived or delivered the children I gave birth to. Why are my children who happen to be adopted not treated or respected in the same way?

After I answered him, I thought of this. Is our or their story public domain, to be told on demand?
NO, it's not. It belongs to us & those we choose to share it with.

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