Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sorry guys

This blog has been interrupted to bring you real life.
It all started back in November with my step-dad passing kind of suddenly
and I'm afraid it's not gotten any better since then. It's kind of been one thing
after another. From foster*kids with more issue than southern living, my kids, the Boy's very expensive tree house/swing set having a huge oak tree fall through the middle of it. A car not being registered properly 13 years ago!! (a story I may try to tell later on) Having to buy a new to us truck quite unexpectedly and my computer crashing all the sudden.
my dad having a massive heart attack in early Jan. then passing away today.
And some bitter sweet/harsh news that I may be able to share with all of you sometime this coming week.
Bear with me. I promise I'll be back with so many crazy foster* stories and so many pictures of the Boy, it'll make you queasy.

Friday, February 03, 2012

People, I am Weary

I have only been tired in the past.

Now I find I am truly weary. Tired of body, mind & spirit. Weary.
Sometimes I feel like doing just what the Boy is doing in the first picture. Lay on the floor in the sun & tell everybody to go away.

These last two kids seem to really be taking it's toll. The bparents* have lost visitation*rights less than 2 months into it. I never thought the Peeing issue would be a biggie for me (if I ever took that age group) The 5+ yr old just keeps on peeing. Kids at school making fun of her. No big deal. Promises of mani/pedi's. Not enough. Getting to finally play soccer (that she's begged for, for 2 months,) gets me more pee. The best child psych. I've seen around these parts, once a week...she lies to her, blatantly(I'm sure the dr sees through her). Dr says take something from her that she really loves. There is nothing to take. She doesn't care. They've realized no one is going to *beat them or pour scalding*water on them, and so HEY, life is good. The most you'll get around here is going to bed early. When you've never even slept in a bed, only on a hard floor, how bad can that be? Plus you can always sneak and play with your toys.

Defiant, these kids are the definition of O.D.D*. I say please don't unroll that much toiletpaper. They will both look at me with a snear and keep on rolling it off. Are you kidding me? 3 & 5. What will they be like at 10,15 or 18. I don't want to know.

I'm not at the "come get them now" stage, but I am seriously thinking this might be the straw that broke the foster*parents back. And we bow out of this crazy world we've been living in for 7 yrs. Or maybe a very long break is needed. Weary is not a good place to be.