Thursday, June 24, 2010

The New Face of AppleBottoms for kids

You can't tell me this is not THE most gorgeous 3 yr old in THE world! I know she is.
Along with her mommy & her aunts.I'm only slightly bias.
She's not really the new face of Apple Bottoms, but she should be.
The Parigi focus group gave me a 3 piece set of Apple Bottoms for girls to try.
And as you can see the little princess loves them. Great quality & design. But most of all not too "grown up" like most clothing on the market for little girls these days. If you want to take a look at some of their stuff for the little girls or big girls you can take a look at their site:
They have some really cute stuff.
Now the best part for you...They gave me 2 sets! One for me and one for YOU.
They have set aside the same set you see here in a 4T.
Want to win this too adorable set for your princess?

WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON 6/30/10 & will be picked by random generator/ the smart person who leaves their email address so I can contact them.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LoOK At mE, Look At me!

I'm sooooooooo pretty
OHhhhhhhhh sooooooo preeetttyyyy.

I love Verna over at

She's fixed me up not once, but TWO times.
and yessss, I copied her. I'm not original or very decisive. But I know pretttyyy when I see it!
Her charges are not outrageous and go for a good cause too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

For whatever it's worth...

I dislike "*TheSystem" more than ever today.
I'm beginning to understand the frustration that *birthparents feel.What's right and/ or the rules today, can and probably will change tomorrow. Even if it is what they told you to do today.
I don't get it (on so many levels) I just don't.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy and it's HOT

I know this thing may not LOOK very big. But trust me when you're putting it together, it's HUGE. Each and every board had to be screwed/nailed or both together.
And hooking the swing part to the "tree house" part was no easy feat. I'm sure the neighbors got quite a show. The husband and me only using a house ladder to put the two pieces together. comical, I'm sure. Fun, NO, HOT YES! There's a picnic table underneath the slide part I don't think you can see. But it's there. I think it may have been worth it to sit in there with the Boy eating our McD's at the table and him saying "this is the best day in my WHOLE life". Good thing he's got plenty more years and try and top this.

P.S Did I mention the week before we had to level the ground and lay sod before building his treehouse? was hot.

P.S.S Daddy says we're going to put plywood around the outside of it when he goes to college and tell him it's an apartment

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kung Zhu fighting

Remember the Zhu Zhu pets of Christmas past?
Not like when I was little.. past. But like last December. Seems like 10 years ago. But no, Only 6 months ago. Who knew those furry little critters were going to cause such a stir? Not me. They were pastel-y colors and cute. The Boy showed only slight interest in his neice's "pink princess" Zhu Zhu.
But lo and behold the folks at Zhu Zhu have come out with Kung Zhu. Geared more toward the boy crowd (in my opinion) I'm sure girls would love these too. They come with battle armor! And little armored cars to ride around in. They make "fighting" noises, and nonsensical noises, meowing,barking & other really funny sounds. It makes the Boy laugh. The Boy had 90 different kinds of fits before we even got them out of the box. His favorite is GREEN and named Sarge. Surly a Boy thing. After Daddy put the **"Han-som-er fighting house" together we didn't hear from the Boy for I know 2 hours. They have a fighting arena, where watching 2 Hansomers go at it can be entertaining for all of us for a good hour. He loves his Hansomers. He can't say Hamster. So at every opportunity I ask him what kind of animal they are, just to hear him say "A HanSOME-er mommy, why can't you remember?" Does that make me a bad mother?
Thank you Kung Zhu pets. We, I mean the Boy loves these and already wants more Hansomers, so they can all fight together.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

I'm in really big trouble

Hanna Andersson has opened a store a mere 35 miles away from me. NOT good.
My boy wore these and these for the first 3 years of his life. He's gone onto their "big boy" stuff now. I always had to buy them off the internet, so I was somewhat limited in choice. But Lord help. It's a good thing I don't drive through atlant@. My pocketbook would be really hurtin'. I put a good dent in it today. I love Hanna clothes. Nothing wears,feels or looks like Hanna clothes. I can spot a Hanna Andersson outfit in a consignment store or Goodwill from the door.I wonder if 70 miles is too far to drive so I can work for clothes?
I guess it's just a good thing I have a phobia of driving through hell.

Hanna Andersson has no idea who I am. Just sharing my addiction with you!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Last month we visited my mother-in-law.
She still lives alone, has a "little" garden & mows her own very large lawn.
She is 94, her youngest grandson is 4.
Can you even comprehend what changes in this world she's seen in the 90 years before her last grandson was born? I can not. I think she is the strongest woman I know.