Monday, January 31, 2011

This & That

Boy #1 has been in his adoptive*placement for about a month now. Unfortunately, my prediction of his honeymoon crash was about right on. I said Mid-January...I missed it by a few days. As I told the daycare worker, his personality isn't going to change just because he goes to live with someone else. He has reverted to his old hitting, biting,temper tantrums of yore.
Boy #2 who has been with us for over 2 yrs will hopefully be matched with a family soon. This one is really going to hurt, I think. He came to us at 3 months. We are all he knows. The SW* said she was going to tell Bm she had to come in & sign over her rights this week (this was BM's idea) I hope and pray for a good family for my boy. God knows he deserves it. I hope to God they will do this transition the way it is supposed to be done. We shall see. This time I will have "people" in the meeting who will (in theory) oversee that is done correctly. Again, we will see.
Now for THE Boy.
While driving home from taekwondo tonight he said, "mommy, I took a bite of an eraser today & it made my tummy not feel good." I said, why did you EAT an eraser?
He said I didn't EAT it, I just took a bite. Ok, well then, don't take any more bites of erasers. He said," That sounds like a good idea". That comes from a boy so picky an eater that eats a total of 4 things. Why on God's green earth would that boy take a bite of an eraser???!! Boys...I'll never understand them.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Girl Noises

The Boy is at the point where he doesn't want to go into public "girl" bathrooms.
Kinda makes it tricky when it's just me and him.
We happened to be at a place today that has "family bathrooms". So I took him in there. After we got in there, he said,"Is this a boy's bathroom?" I told a half lie and said "yes".
Then he said "well, you better not make any gwurl(girl) noises".
I'm not sure what gwurl noises are. So I just stood there.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

* SNORT * SnOrT*

You've got to watch this all the way through.

I agree with everything she says.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Spoiled Nation

It took snow in our little neck of the woods to show me what a spoiled nation we are. Oh, you can say and mean it,but do we really understand the extent of it until we HAVE to experience it?
I've been to and lived in other countries. So I do understand most of the time what a great & grand country we live in. I understand what we have is not free. I watched and lived 18 years while I watched my husband and other great men & women uphold our "right" to be spoiled.
OTHER nations appear to understand that "groceries",produce,milk, eggs, meat, ect,ect do not just materialize in the store. But not our nation.
Yesterday, between the ice melting & then refreezing the husband ventured out for milk, because after 4 days, we really had run out. At the store he found the produce section decimated, no bananas,carrots,
just a few bruised apples. The meat department bare. No beef or chicken. Only some small packs of pork. No orange juice in the coolers. Only the stuff no one drinks,like acia berry according to him.
Bread...gone. Milk...gone. I did get half & half for my coffee.
Today is not looking much better, either. The reason of course is because the transfer trucks are not able to make their deliveries either. But folks don't seem to understand that. On the news, people were blaming the "government"! REALLY? Is this how disconnected we are as to where our food comes from? It seems to me a little common sense goes a long way. Evidently their common sense froze with the roads.
We really do have an entitlement mentality as a nation. It is a frightening glimpse at how accustomed to abundance we are.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yoomi for Ipad...get it, you - Me ?

Discovery Bay Games has come out with YOOMI, a game that is played with an extra accessory called the Duo. Yoomi is a simple game that can be played by up to six people that are given seven tokens each. It makes your Ipad into a family board game.
The iPad app gives each player a question asking about their choice between two things or activities such as “big bugs” or “small dogs” or “collect coins” or “collect stamps”. After the player puts in her choice under the hidden cover of the round Duo accessory, the other players place their bets on what they think her choice was by placing a token on one of the two trays on top of the Duo. The accessory then drops the tokens of the users that guessed correctly into a “bank”. The first player that gets rid of all their tokens wins.

It says ages 8+, but The Boy had no problems playing along with some prompting.
It's a fun addition to the Ipad, making the Ipad a no so solo adventure.
The best part is the nice people at Mom Select have given me one for YOU too. You can get the free Yoomi App from

*Just leave me a comment on what your favorite App is for your Ipad.
The Boy has more on ours than we do. But boy are they cool!
All comments must be left by Wed 1/12/11 @ noon.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's snowing again

And this just ain't the norm 'round here.
All I can think of is Snow Cream. It was the biggest treat in the whole world when I was a little girl. It rarely snowed, so we rarely got it. If you're from the south I don't need to say anymore about Snow Cream. You KNOW.
God willing, the creek don't rise & Jesus don't come, I will be making Snow Cream tomorrow!
The Boy (if he'll eat it) will be in for a big too!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Conversations With A Boy

"Mommy, I've been watching you drive and now I know how to do it. I just need my legs to grow more and then I'll be able to drive."
**I now cover his head with a pillow case, so he can no longer watch me drive. I can't imagine what insurance will be for a teenage boy in 11 years.
**you know that's not true, that would be terrible parenting & cruel. I make him cover his eyes with his hands.
Added @ 10:15pm : he just came in and asked if he could go downstairs and build the Wall of Jerico. When I told him I didn't think the Play room was big enough for the Wall of Jerico, he said he'd only make a little one. It would take less time to march around it ...he wants to see how long it will take for it to fall down. I'm too old for this.