Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's snowing again

And this just ain't the norm 'round here.
All I can think of is Snow Cream. It was the biggest treat in the whole world when I was a little girl. It rarely snowed, so we rarely got it. If you're from the south I don't need to say anymore about Snow Cream. You KNOW.
God willing, the creek don't rise & Jesus don't come, I will be making Snow Cream tomorrow!
The Boy (if he'll eat it) will be in for a big too!


Foster Ima said...

I have a question. Please take it as genuine curiosity even if it reads as snark. (I hope it doesn't!)

Okay, I thought the expression was "G-d willing and the creek don't rise." AND I get the "if Jesus don't come." But aren't the two incompatible? Not the creek part, but the G-d willing and Jesus coming? (I'm Jewish; what do I know about Jesus coming? :-) )

D said...

Your comment wasn't snarky at all.
I'm always explaining to the Dr I work for (who is Jewish) what I'm saying. and he's lived in the south for 35 yrs!
God willing---If God doesn't do anything to stop my desire to go out in the aweful cold, like make it snow so much the door is covered up.
the creek don't rise-- if it does, we're not doing anything :)
and Jesus don't come---in which case if He does, I won't be here to make the snow cream.
I see your point though, if it's God will that Jesus come back, it would take care of my 3rd concern.

But we in the south must cover all our bases. God does have a sense of humor. As proof, I have a 5 yr old son I swore
on a stack of Bibles would never happen.

By the way I enjoy your blog!