Monday, January 31, 2011

This & That

Boy #1 has been in his adoptive*placement for about a month now. Unfortunately, my prediction of his honeymoon crash was about right on. I said Mid-January...I missed it by a few days. As I told the daycare worker, his personality isn't going to change just because he goes to live with someone else. He has reverted to his old hitting, biting,temper tantrums of yore.
Boy #2 who has been with us for over 2 yrs will hopefully be matched with a family soon. This one is really going to hurt, I think. He came to us at 3 months. We are all he knows. The SW* said she was going to tell Bm she had to come in & sign over her rights this week (this was BM's idea) I hope and pray for a good family for my boy. God knows he deserves it. I hope to God they will do this transition the way it is supposed to be done. We shall see. This time I will have "people" in the meeting who will (in theory) oversee that is done correctly. Again, we will see.
Now for THE Boy.
While driving home from taekwondo tonight he said, "mommy, I took a bite of an eraser today & it made my tummy not feel good." I said, why did you EAT an eraser?
He said I didn't EAT it, I just took a bite. Ok, well then, don't take any more bites of erasers. He said," That sounds like a good idea". That comes from a boy so picky an eater that eats a total of 4 things. Why on God's green earth would that boy take a bite of an eraser???!! Boys...I'll never understand them.


Kath said...

Hope the children get the life they deserve!!!

Was he testing for food #5??


Praying for a good placement. I hope the first set understands the honeymoon period and are in it for the long haul!