Monday, March 29, 2010

Maybe you misunderstood me

Recently a local merchant gave gift certificates for some things for the *foster children in our county. Nice thing, right? It was very kind and much appreciated, with all the budget hacking going on.
It was a small business,few employees. So, they knew the children coming in with these certificates were *foster children.
You know there's a story coming, right?

So I haul my two in, along with the Boy. No one's in there but us. We pick out our things and go to check out. The nice lady having no other customers, feels free as a bird to talk...and ask plenty of questions.
She's so glad to be able to see the children they are helping, ect,ect.
She looks at the kids and goes on a tangent of pity. It went something like this:
"Oh,my look at those faces. They are the cutest things I've ever seen. How can someone just leave them on any ole doorstep. It's not fair what they have to go through in *foster care. God only knows what goes on in "those places". They don't deserve such things. Maybe they wont remember being in *foster care. It's a ugly situation, I can't even stand to think about it."

OK, there are some other things I can't remember or want to forget. But you get the idea.
All the while I'm standing there wondering WHO she thinks I am. Or what part I play in this atrocity.
I said the only thing I could think to say in the moment, short of just walking out.
I said,"They live in my home. I promise you they are not harmed in any way. Live a normal child's life as much as possible. Sleep in a nice crib and have everything they need, including love. I said they were in *Foster Care, NOT GOING TO THE ELECTRIC CHAIR. Please, tell Mr. #@%*&^, Thank You for the gift certificates."

I left her standing there with her mouth open.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Census people

What does it matter if my children are *adopted or biological?
Where is the box that says "son" or "daughter" ?
I don't remember seeing this on other census'.
Why after the sixth "person" does it just say "check if person is related to 1st person"? Does it not matter after that many kids? Did you stop being nosey after the sixth kid?
Guess what? I'm not checking anything. You're welcome to call me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The boy! He is hilarious. It's so great to see a child develope their personalities.
The Boy has from somewhere (maybe preschool) learned about telling jokes. But it's still a little mixed up in his brain. He GETS simple jokes. But has a little problem pulling them off. Last night in the car on our way to a foster parent meeting, he said,"Daddy, I'm gonna tell you a joke." Daddy said, "OK, tell me". He said,"Why does grass grow?" I'm thinking, boy, this should be good. Daddy said," I don't know, D@vid, why DOES grass grow? The Boy said, "I don't know, I thought you knew."
OK, maybe you had to be there.
But it was hilarious. The Boy laughed and laughed, he thought he'd just told the greatest joke ever.
He's at the age where he loves knock, knock jokes. But comes up with some pretty outragous "things" behind the door like:
who's there?
a monkey
a monkey who?
a monkey in a tree with a banana!
He thinks he's so clever.
Then we all laugh and laugh like fools :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Remember??

Do you remember this post from almost exactly 2 years ago?

Of course you don't...go read it. Then come back.

OK, you back?
I nailed it 2 yrs ago. They were desperate to adopt. He was adorable & intelligent.
And LOVE conquers all. Right?
No, it doesn't. It doesn't cure RAD, ADHD, harm done by drugs in the womb. Or things that happened in his short life before coming into care.
I told the adoptive parents EVERY THING. EVERY behavior, things that were not in any report they'd ever see. They went ahead with the adoption.
I'd had no contact with them after the first month because they were across the state. I assumed their lives were good. I knew his behaviors, as bad as they were, so young, would not just stop. But they were beside themselves with idealism. How do you break through the euphoria of that? You don't.
Our county received a call for placement for a dissolved adoption...
All I do is scream into the wind, no one listens to what we know as foster parents.
I wish I'd have been wrong. very wrong.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

1001 uses for white distilled vinegar

I've looked for this on the net without having to pay 15.99 for the book, LIKE FOREVER. I found it! Thought I'd share.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ok, I'm done messing with you

We went to Disney World! Like we didn't give the mouse enough of our money in November on the cruise. But trust me...I needed the time away.
**I know all the pictures are rotated wrong, just tilt your head.


If the media doesn't stop referring to Marie Osmond's son, as her "*adopted" son, I SWEAR I'm gonna loose my mind.
Please take it from me, she doesn't think of him as her *ADOPTED SON!
STOP IT! He is her *SON. period.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

A Guess Where We went game

Ok, This will be fun. Play along....I'm bored. I'll post a few pictures everyday to give you more hints!
Where do you think we went last week?
Yes, he slept in the suitcase the night before.
Yes, he has a pink passy in his mouth, I forgot to take it out. I'm a bad mama.
Come on what's your guesses???

Newborn Rock ’n Play Sleeper™

I know you think this is just another reason to post pictures of my gorgeous grandson...and your kinda right.
Baby Cole has terrible reflux, even though he is a breast fed baby. My daughter has tried everything including prescription meds. And well, he's just a puker!
Then Fisher Price sent me their new Newborn Rock 'n Play sleeper. We were excited to try it because we'd tried everything else. And I PROMISE the first night he only spit up once, compared to his usual 6 or 7 times. And now he loves sleeping in it so much he wont go back to his crib. For a baby with reflux, this product is really a Godsend. Honest. Plus it has other perks if your baby's not a 'fluxer.
Cole, his mama & his MeMe give this new product 6 thumbs up.

The Newborn Rock ’n Play Sleeper is a nighttime sleeper and playtime seat all in one! And it’s the only infant seat that meets industry safety standards for bassinets. So besides using it as a perfect place for baby to rock (with a gentle push from you!) and play during the day, you can also use it as a place for baby to sleep at night. It has an inclined seat, which makes sleeping more comfortable for babies who need their head elevated. Other features include three-point restraint to keep baby secure, a toy bunny for soothing and entertaining, and a washable insert for comfort and support. Plus it’s very lightweight, so it’s easy to move around the house.
It folds up to be portable very easily.

I was given a Rock 'n Play as compensation for this unbiased review


But I know you're always up for cute pictures.
My F-O-U-R MeMe babies. I'm too young to have grandkids. I have no idea how this happened. Never mind...don't go there.