Monday, March 29, 2010

Maybe you misunderstood me

Recently a local merchant gave gift certificates for some things for the *foster children in our county. Nice thing, right? It was very kind and much appreciated, with all the budget hacking going on.
It was a small business,few employees. So, they knew the children coming in with these certificates were *foster children.
You know there's a story coming, right?

So I haul my two in, along with the Boy. No one's in there but us. We pick out our things and go to check out. The nice lady having no other customers, feels free as a bird to talk...and ask plenty of questions.
She's so glad to be able to see the children they are helping, ect,ect.
She looks at the kids and goes on a tangent of pity. It went something like this:
"Oh,my look at those faces. They are the cutest things I've ever seen. How can someone just leave them on any ole doorstep. It's not fair what they have to go through in *foster care. God only knows what goes on in "those places". They don't deserve such things. Maybe they wont remember being in *foster care. It's a ugly situation, I can't even stand to think about it."

OK, there are some other things I can't remember or want to forget. But you get the idea.
All the while I'm standing there wondering WHO she thinks I am. Or what part I play in this atrocity.
I said the only thing I could think to say in the moment, short of just walking out.
I said,"They live in my home. I promise you they are not harmed in any way. Live a normal child's life as much as possible. Sleep in a nice crib and have everything they need, including love. I said they were in *Foster Care, NOT GOING TO THE ELECTRIC CHAIR. Please, tell Mr. #@%*&^, Thank You for the gift certificates."

I left her standing there with her mouth open.


StarfishMom said...

LoLoL!!!!!! Good for you! People are SO clueless!!!!

LindaJean said...

Oh my... the comments born of ignorance and/or not thinking before speaking :(

Mama Drama Times Two said...

For many folks foster care is a dirty word - filled with all sorts of horrific associations. Sadly, for some kids, bad foster homes were the norm. Good for you, meeting the challenge to re-educate those folks just how normal and loving your foster family is. It reminds me of what I often go through when people realize we are a lesbian family - like suddenly we are automatically these horrible people....I just have to laugh....

Anita said...

My hero!