Monday, March 01, 2010

A Guess Where We went game

Ok, This will be fun. Play along....I'm bored. I'll post a few pictures everyday to give you more hints!
Where do you think we went last week?
Yes, he slept in the suitcase the night before.
Yes, he has a pink passy in his mouth, I forgot to take it out. I'm a bad mama.
Come on what's your guesses???


StarfishMom said...

Hmmm. I'm guessing South Carolina. Only because we're only at 36 degrees in NY. Krispy Kremes. That's my guess...

Mothering4Money said...

Maybe Disney in Orlando?
Or further south to Key West?
Do tell!

dot said...

Looks like hamburgers cooking and seeing the temperature I'm guessing Disney World. Where ever it was I hope ya'll had fun!

Perri said...

I recognize the KKK -and now I want some.

The pink pac has to go. No self respecting 4 year old boy should have one.

You do realize his ortho bill is going to be worse than normal from this, don't you? I know because Wes is getting ready to get braces next week and his will be more because he was such a thumb sucker. Just a friendly, FYI for ya.

Love the grandbaby pictures.

D said...

I know, I know Perri.
My first 3 had braces, not because of pacifiers. He only takes it at night. But had slipped out of the hotel without us noticing.