Thursday, March 21, 2013

Someone Who Gets It

For many, many reasons I do not share my story, our story, his or her story. Believe it or not, in my real world there are only a hand full of people that know we have children that are adopted. Because quite frankly it's none of anyone's business.
IF you know my/our/his/her story you can bet we are the bestest of the bestest friends.
I trust you beyond measure. Because in that story/stories is the very life & heart & soul of many people.
I think you might find this article very interesting. I think she gets it. And says it alot better than I can.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I am always without the right words when I return from Orlando or ETAAM as some of you may know it.
And again after my 3rd year I continue to be speechless.
Where else can you be with 120 moms who understand the trauma of fostering or adopting that can be some of our lives?

If you're interested the name & website have changed. It's now at:

Great info & resources can be found here.