Thursday, March 21, 2013

Someone Who Gets It

For many, many reasons I do not share my story, our story, his or her story. Believe it or not, in my real world there are only a hand full of people that know we have children that are adopted. Because quite frankly it's none of anyone's business.
IF you know my/our/his/her story you can bet we are the bestest of the bestest friends.
I trust you beyond measure. Because in that story/stories is the very life & heart & soul of many people.
I think you might find this article very interesting. I think she gets it. And says it alot better than I can.


StarfishMom said...

Gives me a lot to think about. Still trying to decide if I should keep my public blog open or not. I'd like to start a new public blog with all of my kids but still be anonymous...know what I mean!?

LK said...

Hi D

Are you afraid of anybody finding out the truth?

D said...

OH, LK, you still love me!
NO, I'm not afraid of anyone "finding out". But nobody goes around asking me to tell them all about the day I conceived or delivered the children I gave birth to. Why are my children who happen to be adopted not treated or respected in the same way?