Monday, January 14, 2013

How I feel about winter & other stuff

My oldest daughter found this on one of her old hard drives! I think it's funny as all get out. My husband says it's proof of how mean I am. The Boy was about 10 months there, give or take a week or two. look at that hair. What I wouldn't give to have that much hair. And those cheeks? Of course you can see for yourself they are still here too. Daddy says this may have to go in his senior year book. Under can you identify this baby? He will not have changed a lick in the next 11 years either. Although, I do hope he gets taller. And that look on his how I feel about winter. And by the way...what the crap is wrong with blogger? It's not leting me post pictures without standing on my head & other things. Not even sure if this ones going to post correctly. Sometimes I don't like you blogger.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


And one last To-u trick.
Seems he had one last thing up his sleeve before he went back with Santa Christmas Eve.
He put crape paper across The Boy's bedroom door so he couldn't get out Christmas morning.
Which is never really a problem, since The Boy would never deem it necessary to get out of bed without ALOT of prompting. Seriously, we have to make him get out of bed on Christmas morning.
Always have. What's wrong with this Boy? Thank goodness To-u had to go back, my brain was being taxed!
P.S The Boy wouldn't break through the crape paper, he crawled under.