Friday, August 19, 2011

Define Spoiled

I can.
yes,yes,yes. I know WHO did the spoiling too.
His daddy. Not me. I'm the mean one.
The Boy wants a hermit crab. You know the only place they SELL hermit crabs is at
the beach, right?
We live no where near a beach.
The boy was begging for a hermit crab WITH a painted shell. I told him we couldn't get one but we had a friend going to the beach for Labor Day & we would ask her to pick him up one.
Then he said, If she's going to the beach to get a hermit crab, why can't we just go and I can get my own hermit crab.
I told him to call his daddy and he'd explain.
So Daddy told him maybe we would just go to the beach.

I'm going to try that trick one day, with saaaayyy...I want sushi...from Japan!

Thanks to Tara we spent the night at Pet*smart picking out a 47.00 hermit crab. Actually the crab (mr crabs) was only 6.99 all of his "stuff" was the rest.
I guess it was cheaper than a 500.00 weekend at the beach. somehow I feel like I just messed myself over on a mini beach vacation.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Big Kindergarten Boy

I can't believe my Boy is in Kindergarten.
He loves it. He has as much pride going into kindergarten as any incoming high school senior I've ever seen. He is on his way to being a big "daddy-boy". As in a big boy like daddy. That is his goal in life right now. To be like his daddy.
I did not spare you the First Day Pictures.
Yes, I take all the credit for his awesome handsome-ness & edible cheeks.
I have no problem taking all the credit.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I got nothing

I know you guys are getting tired of seeing pictures of the most handsome Boy in the world...but it's all I gots right now.

It's so HOT the kids can't go out to play. So HOT the thought of even going to the pool makes me want to positively swoon. Therefore no pictures or anticdotes.
Boy #2's transition to his @doptive home is coming along better than I ever hoped. I'm sure it's accidental on *dfacs* part. Since it's the @doptive parents's SW who is actually doing all the work.
Bitsy & whinnie are visiting with Bmom$ and seem to be adjusting well. Whinnie gets whinnier by the day, if that's possible.
The Boy will be a big kindergarten boy tomorrow! It just seems like yesterday I was rocking him that "first night" contemplating throwing him out the window. Time flys!
....And the world keeps turning.
I just know you can't wait for first day of school pictures. Right?