Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I got nothing

I know you guys are getting tired of seeing pictures of the most handsome Boy in the world...but it's all I gots right now.

It's so HOT the kids can't go out to play. So HOT the thought of even going to the pool makes me want to positively swoon. Therefore no pictures or anticdotes.
Boy #2's transition to his @doptive home is coming along better than I ever hoped. I'm sure it's accidental on *dfacs* part. Since it's the @doptive parents's SW who is actually doing all the work.
Bitsy & whinnie are visiting with Bmom$ and seem to be adjusting well. Whinnie gets whinnier by the day, if that's possible.
The Boy will be a big kindergarten boy tomorrow! It just seems like yesterday I was rocking him that "first night" contemplating throwing him out the window. Time flys!
....And the world keeps turning.
I just know you can't wait for first day of school pictures. Right?


Mari said...

It's a cute picture - I like the glasses!

StarfishMom said...

LOVE seeing pics of the Boy. Can't wait till the day I can share MY precious Sprout!!! :)

Hope the Boy had a great first day of Kindergarten!!!


Seems like only yesterday my The Boy was starting kindergarten. Good times.