Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet The New Baby


Meet in Harper Lee.
Harper is a boy. I know, I know, Harper Lee is a woman. But I love her.
He is a teacup Yorkie. I didn't mean to get him, it was an accident. I just wanted to see them, not buy one. But the Boy was with me (second mistake)and had a flat out hissy fit. He's wanted a dog for 100 years or so he says. The rest is history. THEN I do my research and see how many problems teacups can have & I panic. But he is from a reputable breeder, not a pet store, etc.
He weighs a whopping 1 lb 4oz @ 10 weeks old. His daddy (who is very handsome) weighs 3# & mom weighs 6#. She's very pretty too.
As you can see, he's not grown into the Yorkie Look yet, but his long coat hair is starting to grow and if I don't accidently drop kick him across the room he should be looking pretty handsome in a few weeks!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Picky Eater & KidFresh

I do indeed love this Boy of mine. But sometimes he drives me to the brink with his
"eating issues". He has a diagnosis of Sensory Eating Disorder*. It's a complicated thing, so we just have to go with whatever he will eat. Which really comes down to hot dogs, mac & cheese, certain chicken nuggets, PB&J (sometimes)and meatballs (sometimes) and cheese pizza. That folks is my son's repertoire of foods.
Do you notice a distinct lack of something important? No red meat, no veggies & it's all processed type foods. Not a single vegtable has passed his lips since the age of 18 months. No kidding.
I feel like a terrible mom. But if he is made to eat something his brain deems unsafe, he will reward me with throwing up. NOT fun.
So needless to say, we are ALWAYS on the look out for foods he will eat and that are healthy. They are few and far between.
When I got the chance to try a new product Kidfresh meals, I jumped at the chance.
Because guess what they hide in their meals? About a 1/2 cup of veggies in each meal! And it's some of the food he already will eat. Win!
So off we trotted to get some. In Florida and Georgia you can find them at Publix, in the frozen health food section.
He can even take these to school for lunch. Because you KNOW he doesn't eat a lunch that a school cafeteria provides. Ohhhh, no. But these are perfect for school lunches. They don't mind warming them up for him.

Kids don’t eat enough veggies and that’s a problem because they naturally provide an amazing amount and variety of key nutrients, vitamins and fiber that are essential to growth. That’s why all Kidfresh meals are prepared with hidden veggies, providing up to 33% of a child’s daily needs.

Kidfresh has also given me some coupons to share with you!
**3 winners will each receive 2 FREE coupons.
Go to and tell me which ones you think your picky eater would like.
Leave your email address (it will not be published) Contest will be open til Sunday October 2nd.

You can go here to find a store near you:

While the opinions & the picky eater are all mine, “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kidfresh and received Kidfresh coupons and products to facilitate my review, coupons to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What we look like now

Boy #1 (not to be confused with The Boy) has moved on to his permanent home.
It was bitter-sweet. He had been with us since he was 3 month old & he will be 3 yrs old soon. He is in a wonderful home with a wonderful parent. Not what we wanted in a perfect world. But he will be well loved, well educated & spoiled. What more can we ask for?
It's made a little easier because we know we will see him on a regular basis after their bonding time.
For this one starfish...I really did make a difference.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Danimals for a Cause

Rally for Recess
Danimal’s yogurt is currently running a contest, with five schools winning a brand new, $20,000 playground makeover and Ultimate Recess Day.
In today's budget cuts from where ever, however. Recess has been one of the first important things to go. With obesity on the rise in the U.S, that's the last thing our kids need taken away from them.
As a kid I remember having at least 2 times going out to play in the school day.
That little break helped run off energy and helped me concentrate when we came back in to get down to work.
Didn't we all look forward to that time to burn off energy and just get out and play for a bit, it helped break up the monotony of the day? When my son started kindergarten this year, I was shocked to find out that he only got 20 minutes a day. Recess is not just mundane playtime. It is a time when most children get the only exercise of their day. It also teaches interaction skills/social skills to our developing children's minds.

Benefits of Recess
■ Taking a break and engaging in physical activity increases concentration, which can increase test scores.
■ Children who engage in physical activity are at a lower risk for becoming overweight.
■ Free, unstructured playtime can help reduce stress in children.
■ Recess encourages socialization and cooperative play, skills that will help children throughout their entire lives.
■ It’s just plain fun.

Danimal’s Rally for Recess Contest
During the Danimal’s Rally for Recess contest, you can collect codes on specially marked packages of Danimal’s yogurt, or by sending away for a free code. Enter the codes into the website and help your school top the Leader board in their league. One school from each of the five leagues will win the playground makeover and ultimate recess day, which may include such awesome things as a rock-climbing wall, an obstacle course, and a giant slide. In addition to the grand prize, each day Danimal’s is giving away one recess-related prize to an instant winner. While all of Danimal’s yogurt products are great, my son particularly loves the "drinking yoyos or Smoothies. They make great quick and easy after-school snacks. The Boy insisted I buy the Strawberry Explosion & the Strawberry/banana Smoothies AND the Crush Cups for this review.We always have Danimals in the house in pretty much every flavor.My Perfect Boy has a Sensory Eating disorder. He literally LIVED on them for a year. We have a box of the Danimal’s Coolision in the freezer. The Boy loves to think he's big by making his own YoYo ice cream.
Don't tell the Boy, but I sneak one ever once in a while.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Danimals and received a gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.