Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Sit We wait...the usual

After a FTM*familyteameeting, I found out more about the Bitsy situation.
Really, the bottom line is the Same Ole Stuff, different cast of characters.
Drugs/poverty/ignorance/pure old de nastiness & them seeing nothing wrong with any of it.
( I know I'm a little blunt at times, but it gets the point across)
Greatgrandma was there & upset that no one directed questions her way. She didn't seem to understand this was about mama getting baby back and all that entails. I guess she thought it would be about her getting the girl.
Bottom line...lots of work to do on everyone's part and Bitsy will be here til that happens and always that's anybody's guess.
Bitsy is super intelligent given her circumstances and loves going to daycare which is a learning center. Hopefully this will give a little boost in the right direction.
I'm sure there will be more Bitsy stories to come.

Monday, February 21, 2011

She Came in the Usual Way

You know..the call that comes at 2:00 in the morning.
(Why these people can't do their drugs&other-elicit-activities during business hours is beyond me)
After many phone calls & one for good measure just to make sure I couldn't come to the police*station to pick her up, she showed up on my door step. Just her, the SW* & a white teddy bear given to her at the station. She of course was dead asleep.And only had the dirty clothes on her back.
After the usual chitchat with the SW*, I find out every member of the family has a felony* wrap sheet except 85 yr oldGreatgrandma!Who wants her and went to the 24*hr court* hearing. Yes, I do believe every effort should be made to keep the kids with family, but 85? I do not want to be raising 3 yr olds when I'm 85...just for the record.
She is adorable and waaaaaaay tiny for her age, and shall henceforth be called BITSY. I put her on a scale because I could not believe a child her age (which is bordering on 3.5)weighed so little. By the way she is 19 lbs and wears 18 months! Can you comprehend it??

More tomorrow on the Bitsy-girl. The Boy is not feeling well. We're on week 2 of this virus-y thing.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Next TIme Try not to think

If you were at a Birthday party this weekend you could have overheard this conversation.
Me,The Boy & new tiny Girl, (that came @ 3:00AM Friday morning) Went to BOy #1's birthday party at his new forever* home. Needless to say no one knew us there other than the adoptive* parents.
We were introduced to a nice older lady in a reasonable manner. "D this is ms. blunder, an old neighbor. Ms. blunder this is D and her son The Boy. D was Boy #1's foster* mother before he came to us." minor chit-chat happened between us. the weather, the nasty virus' going around our neck of the woods, ect. New adoptive* mom came back in and more small talk occurred and then she mentioned that we too had adopted* a son after having raised & have older children like themselves.
Ms.blunder then said, "Oh my, when she said he was your son, I thought she meant "he was really your son, not *adopted"....chirp...chirp...dumb founded/confused look on my face. Had she not been an "older" woman...bless her heart...I would have been a little more snarky with her. All I could muster was,"He really is my son".
Bless her heart...
Up next, how new tiny girl came to us

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mommy questions

The Boy - Where do all these babies come from?

Mommy (professional question answer-er)- *DFAC* honey, now go play.

I'm sure that's what he meant, right? I didn't lie to him,now, did I?