Sunday, February 20, 2011

Next TIme Try not to think

If you were at a Birthday party this weekend you could have overheard this conversation.
Me,The Boy & new tiny Girl, (that came @ 3:00AM Friday morning) Went to BOy #1's birthday party at his new forever* home. Needless to say no one knew us there other than the adoptive* parents.
We were introduced to a nice older lady in a reasonable manner. "D this is ms. blunder, an old neighbor. Ms. blunder this is D and her son The Boy. D was Boy #1's foster* mother before he came to us." minor chit-chat happened between us. the weather, the nasty virus' going around our neck of the woods, ect. New adoptive* mom came back in and more small talk occurred and then she mentioned that we too had adopted* a son after having raised & have older children like themselves.
Ms.blunder then said, "Oh my, when she said he was your son, I thought she meant "he was really your son, not *adopted"....chirp...chirp...dumb founded/confused look on my face. Had she not been an "older" woman...bless her heart...I would have been a little more snarky with her. All I could muster was,"He really is my son".
Bless her heart...
Up next, how new tiny girl came to us


Mari said...

I have 2 sisters with adopted kids and they get this all the time. It's very irritating!


Aren't people so weird? The things they say and in front of the kids.