Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

The newest grandson

He looks just like my daughter, except he has black hair like his daddy.
He's a chubby little cutie pie.
As much as I love my grandbabys. 4 is enough right now. 4 under 4 is alot of $$. I've always said being a granparent is more expensive than being a parent!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have found it. As far as chapped lips go anyway.
My lips always feel dry, even in the summer. I have a purse full of chap sticks, all different kinds. costing from .99 to 10.00. I'm a sucker for anything that says it will work. But nothing has so far. I get somewhere between rubbing a candle on your lips to feeling like you've been sucking on a pork chop all day.
Neosporin now has a Lip Health line of products. A daily hydration therapy with sunscreen. Their claim is to restore visibly healthier lips in just 3 days! AND an overnight renewal therapy, you put on at night for 3 nights.
My thoughts when I received it was just another thing that will not work.
I've been using it for about 5 days now and honest I'll never use anything else. It really does do what it says on the package. The first day was heavenly. I couldn't believe it was really working.
Now my daughter who is a real chap stick junkie (even more than me)she really does have a bad moment if she can't find her chap stick, is a convert. She loves the stuff too.
If you have a problem with chapped lips, consider it solved.
*It's so good I saved the empty package so I'll be sure to get the right stuff when I run out. That's when you know it's good*

Go to to find out more.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Neosporin and received a sample of the Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy and the Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy to facilitate my review and thank-you gift certificate."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wanna Hear Something Hilarious?

I'm not the kind of 8foster / parent who knows every 8SW or sucks up to the director. In general, a dfacs* "rat". You know, kinda lika a mall rat. I'm not into the whole politic thing that some *foster / parents are.
I take care of the kids and you (the sw) does what you're supposed to do (in theory)
All of you know I do my fair share of gripping around here.
This week we had a *foster Asso* meeting. When they did nominations for the offices, I was nominated for president! HA. I actually laughed out loud. But when the voting was done, I wasn't laughing anymore. They actually voted ME in as president. The thought never crossed my mind, I'd actually get a nomination, let alone win.
What do I do now? Maybe I can do something to make things a little easier for the foster parents. But what?

Why on earth would they vote for ME?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perchance to Drive through Hell

I had the misfortune to drive through At/anta or as I call it, Hell.
Well, I didn't actually drive, my husband did. I don't like @lanta, not at all.
Crazy people drive there. But if I want to go anywhere worth going, it seems I must at least sit in the passenger seat. I digress...
As I sat in the car looking out the window, trying not to have a nervous breakdown, I noticed something. (I guess I don't get out alot)
Everyone, EVERYONE was on a cell phone or please God NO, texting, while driving. We passed one car where all 4 people were on a phone. What do we have to talk about that can't wait til we get home? Yes, I've called the husband from wa/mart to see if we needed bread.
I remember a time when if you weren't at HOME, you didn't talk to whoever was calling & didn't even know they'd called til they called you back and you were home.

I guess I am officially old.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

VERY random thoughts & goings-on

It feels like forever since I've blogged. So much has happened and nothing has happened.
So here goes my random-ness...

- My middle daughter gave birth to our 3rd grandson on 12/19. Cutest little boy. looks just like his mama but with black hair like his daddy. We've never had a dark haired baby in our family.
- I did really well not over indulging the kids/grand kids at Christmas
- For a few years now, it's actually gotten on my nerves with how commercialized Christmas continues to be. ( like I ever thought it would stop)
- I actually think of Christmas as 2 different holidays. One might as well celebrate winter & Santa stuff. And then we need a different day to just be with family, go to church and really honest to goodness celebrate ONLY the birth of Christ. One has nothing to do with the other. The older I get the more glaring this becomes to me.
I'm thinking next year we will do just that. Have 2 different days to celebrate these 2 very different days. I found it harder this year to correlate Santa coming to bring the boy presents and us celebrating the birth of Christ. Some of the conversations I had with the boy didn't even make sense to me. We'd do the Jesse Tree, eat candy from the advent calender, then count down the days til Santa came???
- Things just get worse and worse on the *foster care front. It really seems like they are doing everything they know to do to drive *foster parents away. Not only are we no longer being *reimbursed for diapers,wipes, clothes, shoes, food. Actually it's easier just to say, all we get 10.00 per day per* Diem and now we're being told that might be cut in half. I honestly don't know what we are going to do. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, we didn't make money being *foster parents to begin with, but at least they *reimbursed us for diapers & some clothing (150.00/yr) which helped greatly. Now, I really do feel like these people's nanny.(although I'm positive a nanny gets paid better & gets the weekend off) I have to take them all over the place, miss work & not even get paid mileage. Maybe it's time to throw in the towel. AND they are no more inclined to help with transport, dr appt, ect. I think I'm tired.
- Baby K's mom is getting less & less excited about his coming home, the closer it gets for it to happen. Twice she's called to say "she didn't feel good" and could I just plan on the next week. Wish I could do that. If I don't feel good or have a headache, guess what? nobody cares and I still have to take care of the babies. I had high hopes for her. Now I just wish she would sign over permanent custody to a couple I know who would love him more than anything.
Baby criesallthetime, whom I don't talk much about (came to us in march 2009) will be 2 in a couple months. His mother shows no progress other than visiting him 3 times a week. In almost 1 yr, she's not worked 1/3 of her case plan. She really does think I'm her nanny. She told me last Saturday after her visit she would like me to go with her to get his hair cut! HELLO! I don't think so. You might just think I sit at home waiting for you to tell me what to do. But I have you know I pretend I have a life. I told her it was not convenient for me and she blew a gasket.
I think this will end my randomness. The Boy went back to pre-school today for the first time in what seems like months. So my 3 hours of freedom is about up.
I think I'll go pee without an audience. Was that TMI??