Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perchance to Drive through Hell

I had the misfortune to drive through At/anta or as I call it, Hell.
Well, I didn't actually drive, my husband did. I don't like @lanta, not at all.
Crazy people drive there. But if I want to go anywhere worth going, it seems I must at least sit in the passenger seat. I digress...
As I sat in the car looking out the window, trying not to have a nervous breakdown, I noticed something. (I guess I don't get out alot)
Everyone, EVERYONE was on a cell phone or please God NO, texting, while driving. We passed one car where all 4 people were on a phone. What do we have to talk about that can't wait til we get home? Yes, I've called the husband from wa/mart to see if we needed bread.
I remember a time when if you weren't at HOME, you didn't talk to whoever was calling & didn't even know they'd called til they called you back and you were home.

I guess I am officially old.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

times have changed old lady! yeesh. you REALLY sound like a Granny now!!! mwa hahaha!!