Sunday, June 26, 2011

A whole lot going on

Some good:
Boy #1 visited with his potential adoptive parent today. He ignored them for 2 hours. However, they seemed very nice, educated & willing. They have gone thru a private agency* to adopt thru &fostercare* I've never heard of that, but I guess it's not impossible. We shall see if &Dfacs& does the right thing with this *transition* (since he has been with us his whole life) vs. how they did things with Boy #2 a few months back. This is a good thing. We chose not to adopt* him for many reasons. so this is a good thing. He needs a home now, while he has no issues.

Some good/bad:
A new baby girl, henceforth called Whiny. Is very "parentified" according to SW*. I guess that means she talks like ummmmmm,grown up *thugs. As in, "I just took a dump in the toilet, you should flush it" or Or refers to her private*
parts in a most vulgar way. And then said "oh hell, I dropped my sippy cup". (and she's just 2)She also accidentally hurts herself and blames it on everybody else, doesn't matter if they're even in the room. It doesn't appear she's ever been told what to do (discipline) And while she talks to you, she does it in a whiny voice, which drives me up a wall. Oh, and her fav-o-rite hobby is tattling. He looked at me mean. That man (my husband) is opening that drawer. Boy#1 is eating his peas first. ALL-DAY-LONG.
Now what was good about this one? oh yes, she kinda keeps Bitsy busy.
So I'm sure I will have lots of blog fodder in the near future. Did I mention BMom* thinks she can run my life from rehab* too?
The Fun never stops at my place. ...No, really, fun passes us by, and just leaves the crazy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This has the potential to be gross...

OK, here are the facts. I wanted a front load washer and dryer. I wanted them because 1) they look cool with all the buttons and shiny things & 2) I spend half my life doing laundry with all these kids & 3) they do bigger loads and save energy and water. All very good things.
I got my washer. I read in the instructions where it said to keep the door propped open to allow it to dry out,as some water is apt to stand in the drum causing a bad odor. (like mold,mildew,bacteria) double gross.
I have smelled a washer that has the mildew smell and didn't want my bright, shiny washer to smell like that. Not to mention the grossness of having bacteria, etc floating around in your supposedly clean clothes. And if I'm honest I have washed more than my fair share of bugs and snails lately because of the Boy's new hobby. I just don't want bug guts floating around in my washer. I'm a little picky that way.
But another fact is, I didn't know there was actually a product you could use to help clean and prevent residue build-up in my shiny washer.
It's Affresh Washer Cleaner from Whirlpool. You use it monthly. The oxygenated bubbling action tablets penetrates and dissolves unseen residue. It's more effective than cleaning with bleach alone.
I'm so glad to have a product I didn't even know I needed. And trust me I need it.
If you want to read more about the product you can go to:

While the opinions/snails are my own, I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of affresh and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Vintage D

Want to see what I was like before *DfAcS* made me a bitter,sarcastic,snarky shell of a woman? NO? Who cares. REad it anyway. I used to be funny. LIKE really funny OK!

Thursday, August 16, 2007
I'm so healthy ...and, Oh,so cheap......

In our decision to adopt this boy of ours, we decided maybe this go round we would try to establish some"healthy" eating habits in him (it's too late for us) He's knocking on 2, and just recently had his first taste of sweet tea! Yep, I know, I'm a good mommy. Hey, that is good, you know. My 25 yr old was chugging coke out of a baby bottle at his age. But I've gone to nursing school since then & got ahold of some common sense along the long way.
Anyhow, we decided organic, hormone & antibiotic free milk would be a good start. So start it we did. It's expensive! But hey, the little guy is worth it, that and not having him antibiotic resistant, and having a beard in 5th grade. So I come across this great deal on , (go see her if you haven't. She has THE BEST cheap stuff SITE, you've ever seen.) A great deal from Amazon on Horizon organic milk in little sippy boxes, not found in your regular grocery store/walmart. Free shipping and everything. (by the way, one of the pluses is it doesn't have to be refrigerated)So like a good mommy, I go there and buy 2 CASES. (it was a good sale, free shipping and all) So they deliver it yesterday and I so happily put some in the fridge for him and then I'm all like, "DRINK, DRINK LITTLE BOY, IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!" AND HE DOES....alot.
sO I go visit wantnot today as usual, as you never know what good deals she'll have. and there on the screen she's apologizing for the "milk trouble" she'd caused because so many people had ordered. Apparently I am blind & stupid & can't read, because she said there on the box, it said " KEEP AT 80 F OR BELOW".People, I live on the surface of the sun right now! well kinda, it's been 102 for days here. If you don't factor in how hot it got to be in that UPS truck, while he ate his lunch in the air conditioning at Waffle HOuse! So was the Boy's milk clabbered or not??? Of course she said to call Amazon, and all would be well, and I did, and they did.
But now I sit here looking at 2 cases of very expensive milk and my only thought is,"Do you really think it would make him sick if he drank it? THAT is an awful lot of milk to throw out." Besides he drank some last night, before his blind mother knew of the big bold warning on the box.
Dang, I'm cheap.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Does ANYTHING surprise me?

why why why??? do I continue to be surprised at anything that happens when it comes to *fostercare/dfacs*? Am I really that dense? (don't answer that)
At this point, I should not be surprised, should not lift an eyebrow, if a 1 ton giant purple people eater pulled up in a giant pink choo choo train and said aliens were here to pick up a child to take it back to it's mother on the planet EverywomansAgoodMom&drugFree. I should just hand the child to them, shut the door and go about my business.
So why does it surprise me when the anonymous person hired to transport a child to visit their parent, brings the child home from a visit and tells me "dfacs*" is going to start ^transitioning^ said child back to their parent in 4 days??? Should I be surprised? upset? mad? feeling left out of say, an important issue? All the above, except maybe surprised?
Because really, who am I? I am the glorified babysitter. Right? What need have I of these paltry details? Oh, you think I have a life? That some of these details might impact some insignificant plans I may have?
Or maybe I'm just P.O'd that someone who has nothing to do with the care & wellbeing of this child knows more than I do when it comes to knowing what's going on in this case. I mean with all the nonexistant communication that goes on between #SW* & ^fosterparent*
The purple people eater I can take. But dang, it takes 1 minute to send an email. 5 to make a call. I don't get it.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Is It Bad

that I just spent 3 hours trying to talk my nephew out of majoring in *SocialWork* for college?

Friday, June 03, 2011


Honest to God, they admitted he fell through the cracks. Those have to be some pretty
huge cracks.
Ok. Now what are you going to do about it?
It's only been 2 1/2 YEARS.
So much for your expensive billboards/ads begging for *adoptive* parents*.
AND he's a baby! With ZERO issues.
How do I go back to NOT knowing about this world?