Sunday, June 26, 2011

A whole lot going on

Some good:
Boy #1 visited with his potential adoptive parent today. He ignored them for 2 hours. However, they seemed very nice, educated & willing. They have gone thru a private agency* to adopt thru &fostercare* I've never heard of that, but I guess it's not impossible. We shall see if &Dfacs& does the right thing with this *transition* (since he has been with us his whole life) vs. how they did things with Boy #2 a few months back. This is a good thing. We chose not to adopt* him for many reasons. so this is a good thing. He needs a home now, while he has no issues.

Some good/bad:
A new baby girl, henceforth called Whiny. Is very "parentified" according to SW*. I guess that means she talks like ummmmmm,grown up *thugs. As in, "I just took a dump in the toilet, you should flush it" or Or refers to her private*
parts in a most vulgar way. And then said "oh hell, I dropped my sippy cup". (and she's just 2)She also accidentally hurts herself and blames it on everybody else, doesn't matter if they're even in the room. It doesn't appear she's ever been told what to do (discipline) And while she talks to you, she does it in a whiny voice, which drives me up a wall. Oh, and her fav-o-rite hobby is tattling. He looked at me mean. That man (my husband) is opening that drawer. Boy#1 is eating his peas first. ALL-DAY-LONG.
Now what was good about this one? oh yes, she kinda keeps Bitsy busy.
So I'm sure I will have lots of blog fodder in the near future. Did I mention BMom* thinks she can run my life from rehab* too?
The Fun never stops at my place. ...No, really, fun passes us by, and just leaves the crazy.


Mari said...

I don't know how you do it! I would have a real hard time dealing with a child like that, and the sad thing is it's not her fault - it's all she knows!

Shan said...

Wow-Hahaha. I am sorry I laughed. I just love your honesty! I'm Becky M's friend(Pith Marrow and Coffee Spoons) and fostered for about a year and a half before quitting. I'd like to do it again but my hubby still looks at me like I'm crazed for suggesting it so wait I will. We adopted our first foster babe. He has FAS and gives us the business on a regular basis! Keep up the GREAT work!!!! :D
P.S. My bio son(13) got his Black Belt this year after dragging it out over six or so years. It does cost an arm and a leg for each belt test! I felt your pain and his awesomeness!!

Mama P said...

Oh.My.GOSH!!! I just came across your blog from Tammy's (Trippin') and as I was reading throgh your posts, I fell out laughing at your description of "parentified" Whiny! I just read it to my husband too, because you just summed up our two year old! We've had her for two months, and we've had birds flipped, been called "Nigga," and she does that same whining tone, even though she can CLEARLY speak normally when she is the one initiating the conversation. She also does the "blame game."

As funny as it can be to experience a two year old gangster, it's really sad because sadly, she represents a very large, very uneducated, very entitled culture going nowhere but in violent, addictive, lazy circles. :( Luckily her mom is working very hard and trying to do better, and I quite enjoy her a lot.