Sunday, September 11, 2011

What we look like now

Boy #1 (not to be confused with The Boy) has moved on to his permanent home.
It was bitter-sweet. He had been with us since he was 3 month old & he will be 3 yrs old soon. He is in a wonderful home with a wonderful parent. Not what we wanted in a perfect world. But he will be well loved, well educated & spoiled. What more can we ask for?
It's made a little easier because we know we will see him on a regular basis after their bonding time.
For this one starfish...I really did make a difference.


StarfishMom said...

Glad you're happy :) I'm sure it makes it MUCH easier to know he's in his forever home!!! xox

Last Mom said...

That sounds bittersweet indeed! I love from the back photos. I loved them even before I started blogging and only use photos that don't show our faces.

T said...

My son had the most amazing foster mom as well. Thank you for what you do.
So refreshing to see that transition is going better in this situation. It broke my heart to read you earlier post about your other child that was transitioned badly.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

A success story!! Have to LOVE that!! I bet they take a chunk of your heart with them every time!!

Our cabin is not going to be used by us for anything other than haying season. It does not have heat in it so cannot be lived in year round.
But the temps are cold the past 2 days so I will be taking a heater along with us when we head there next week to cut hay for the fourth time this season.
More fun times!


I know it's hard.

Perri said...

For MANY starfish - you have made a difference - even though it might not show up for years.