Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Spoiled Nation

It took snow in our little neck of the woods to show me what a spoiled nation we are. Oh, you can say and mean it,but do we really understand the extent of it until we HAVE to experience it?
I've been to and lived in other countries. So I do understand most of the time what a great & grand country we live in. I understand what we have is not free. I watched and lived 18 years while I watched my husband and other great men & women uphold our "right" to be spoiled.
OTHER nations appear to understand that "groceries",produce,milk, eggs, meat, ect,ect do not just materialize in the store. But not our nation.
Yesterday, between the ice melting & then refreezing the husband ventured out for milk, because after 4 days, we really had run out. At the store he found the produce section decimated, no bananas,carrots,
just a few bruised apples. The meat department bare. No beef or chicken. Only some small packs of pork. No orange juice in the coolers. Only the stuff no one drinks,like acia berry according to him.
Bread...gone. Milk...gone. I did get half & half for my coffee.
Today is not looking much better, either. The reason of course is because the transfer trucks are not able to make their deliveries either. But folks don't seem to understand that. On the news, people were blaming the "government"! REALLY? Is this how disconnected we are as to where our food comes from? It seems to me a little common sense goes a long way. Evidently their common sense froze with the roads.
We really do have an entitlement mentality as a nation. It is a frightening glimpse at how accustomed to abundance we are.


~Liz~ said...

Oh man! You just read my mind! We aren't currently experiencing what you are. I live where snow and ice are common and don't cause chaos, however, I see these behaviors every day and it drives me crazy! We, also, have travelled, including living in Germany for a couple years while my dad was in the army. Surprisingly, there were many things BETTER about their economy, government. I definitely believe we have the best country in "theory", however, we have completely ruined the basis our country was founded on. (In my opinion). My mom and I were talking the other day about how people in our country consider it to be poverty if you don't have cable, a cell phone and a new car. You hit it on the head...we are completely spoiled as a nation and really need to be humbled and reminded what TRULY matters in life. Thank you for your insight! I hope the weather gets better for you soon!

Mari said...

I agree! We really are spoiled, and I'm so sick of people just expecating everything from the government or blaming it.