Monday, January 10, 2011

Yoomi for Ipad...get it, you - Me ?

Discovery Bay Games has come out with YOOMI, a game that is played with an extra accessory called the Duo. Yoomi is a simple game that can be played by up to six people that are given seven tokens each. It makes your Ipad into a family board game.
The iPad app gives each player a question asking about their choice between two things or activities such as “big bugs” or “small dogs” or “collect coins” or “collect stamps”. After the player puts in her choice under the hidden cover of the round Duo accessory, the other players place their bets on what they think her choice was by placing a token on one of the two trays on top of the Duo. The accessory then drops the tokens of the users that guessed correctly into a “bank”. The first player that gets rid of all their tokens wins.

It says ages 8+, but The Boy had no problems playing along with some prompting.
It's a fun addition to the Ipad, making the Ipad a no so solo adventure.
The best part is the nice people at Mom Select have given me one for YOU too. You can get the free Yoomi App from

*Just leave me a comment on what your favorite App is for your Ipad.
The Boy has more on ours than we do. But boy are they cool!
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