Monday, June 14, 2010

Kung Zhu fighting

Remember the Zhu Zhu pets of Christmas past?
Not like when I was little.. past. But like last December. Seems like 10 years ago. But no, Only 6 months ago. Who knew those furry little critters were going to cause such a stir? Not me. They were pastel-y colors and cute. The Boy showed only slight interest in his neice's "pink princess" Zhu Zhu.
But lo and behold the folks at Zhu Zhu have come out with Kung Zhu. Geared more toward the boy crowd (in my opinion) I'm sure girls would love these too. They come with battle armor! And little armored cars to ride around in. They make "fighting" noises, and nonsensical noises, meowing,barking & other really funny sounds. It makes the Boy laugh. The Boy had 90 different kinds of fits before we even got them out of the box. His favorite is GREEN and named Sarge. Surly a Boy thing. After Daddy put the **"Han-som-er fighting house" together we didn't hear from the Boy for I know 2 hours. They have a fighting arena, where watching 2 Hansomers go at it can be entertaining for all of us for a good hour. He loves his Hansomers. He can't say Hamster. So at every opportunity I ask him what kind of animal they are, just to hear him say "A HanSOME-er mommy, why can't you remember?" Does that make me a bad mother?
Thank you Kung Zhu pets. We, I mean the Boy loves these and already wants more Hansomers, so they can all fight together.

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Mothering4Money said...

Wow he has gotten visibly bigger. But thankfully still has those adorable edible cheeks. I love when kids mispronounce things too. Very cute.