Monday, May 16, 2011

NO News Is Good News...........right?

Well actually when it comes to #@Dfacs* I guess that's not really true.
and I sit here to type this, I realize there is some news.
(I also realize I wish The Boy hadn't pried the letter I off the computer, it's really a very useful letter)
But in other news.......
Bitsy is still here. Her mother is working her *in-treatment plan. She visits her twice a week. Hopefully this will wake her up,get her off the hard stuff & they will teach her how to parent* sober. We shall see.
Boy #2 who has been here since he was 3 months old, is still in the all too familiar holding pattern/one month it to death til he's 2 1/2 plan. No real rush to find him a home. Which infuriates me to no end. They have no real explanation as to why they are in no big hurry to find him a home.And by the way, there is NO reason not to. This boy is so attached this going to be one huge mess. And you think they care?
Speaking of attached. Remember Boy #1 who went to his *forever# home in December? I begged on bended knee for them to do the ^transition% correctly. And I was just the ignorant foster*parent* (they also didn't listen to the therapist they employed to help)They *transitioned crap-ally,(I just made that a word)as in little to none. Because of his age and time with us, it should have been done alot differently.
I find out he has developed a profound studder. It takes him five minutes to get out a single word and his behaviors have gone through the roof. As in *daycare is barely able to contain him. But I guarantee ##dfcs# does not or will not see that the way they ^transitioned^ has anything to do with it.
When will they realize these are lives, souls, human beings & they are playing *russian roulette with their lives?


Mari said...

Grrrr - this is so frustrating, and sad too. said...

sometimes I hate the system, it so rarely works well!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

It is a sad, broken system we deal with. Lucky those children have your lovin' home to shelter them.

ali said...

it is very sad. K. will suffer, just as boy #2 did/still is, and it isnt your fault. when will they realize that abandonment(intentional or not!) HURTS these kids FOR LIFE?