Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things That Happen In Life

Have you seen the potty training book : It's Potty Time!? It's has a little button to push. It makes a toilet flushing sound & a child laughing manically! VERY LOUDLY! If you've never seen the book, please go to your local book store, find it, and push the button repeatedly. You really need to do it in a confined space that echos, like a small half bathroom to really know my agony. The Boy has NO interest in the potty. When I can get him to sit on the potty, he wants me sit with him in the bathroom with the door shut and he-pushes-the -button-over-and 0ver-and OVER. It drives me crazy. I dislike this book greatly. AND he still doesn't go potty.
We are going to Ky to visit my MIL, who is 93! A remarkable woman. Still mows her own yard, puts in "a little garden" that I can only dream of doing. The drive will drive me insane. Nothing like being in the car with a 2 yr old for 12 hours, who wants nothing more than to be out. My only consulation is maybe it will be cooler there.
So with that being said. Nobody do anything while I'm gone. No computer out in the middle of the cows.


Lovingmyamazinglife said...

Do a web search for like family circle or kids travel survival tips for ideas.Like yarn,strung with cheerios or fruit loops for him to munch,I took a empty dry water bottle,filled it with dry rice twist cap on xtra tight,or lentils,and little trinkets for the child to find,like a thimble,bead,toy,etc.This entertained our littles for a while as they twisted it and discovered new things inside.I feel for you on the potty thing,in a year it will be a thing of the past though.Have fun on your trip

Anonymous said...

I've seen that book! It's obnoxious, but funny!

Bad news...I'm one state north of your MIL, and we've been in the 90's and HUMID this week!

Have a fun and safe trip!


Anonymous said...

great, thanks Mindy. I have no reason to live now! YUUkkkk!

Kellie with an "ie" said...

I'll cross my fingers for a beautifully quiet and relaxing drive and an Arctic blast for KY.

Short of that, I hope you'll have a safe trip and a wonderful visit with your MIL.

Additionally, I promise not to adopt a child while you are gone.

Have fun D!

KJ said...

Desi, Hi! I'm your swap partner for the Favorite Things Swap at According to Kelly. It seems there was an error in the email address you provided, so I'm not sure my email made it to you. Please send me a little message via my blog (click through my profile) and let me know if you received it. Thanks! Happy Summer Time to you!