Friday, June 20, 2008


Are cicadas out of their 17 year hibernation in your area?
It seems like they were out in our neck of the woods just a few years ago. So none here, in our drought ensconced state. However when we went on our trip to Ky. They were out in all their ear splitting glory. We stopped the van somewhere between Tn & Ky because we thought there was something wrong with the car. A horrible noise that sounded like air being sucked from the van. When my husband got out, we realized it was cicadas.
We got to my MIL place and you couldn't hear yourself think the trees were so invested with them. After awhile it became a nice sound. I miss it ,,kinda.
Here are a few pictures of our nice friends. The trees were literally covered. The bushes looked like they were moving from the sheer number of the noise makers. And when one got on you and you happened to going into the house or car, the noise would scare you to death it was so loud.
Click on the photos if your want to see them in all their red eyed, buggie glory!


Lovingmyamazinglife said...

I clicked,they are so gross,had no idea they had red eyes.We find their shells around here alot.But you are right,I haven't heard any this year,I love their sound and it is eerily absent in our woods.

Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...

OOo creepy

Sarah and Jack said...

I admit that they freak me out a little, but Jack adores the creepy things. He likes to carry them around like pets! LOL