Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I must insist....

Already Kellie and Nita are doing stuff I told them not to do!
I can NOT MISS one post of the good stuff! I will be sitting in the middle of the cows wondering
how Nita's visit went with the S.W. and if Kellie's home study will go thru so fast she will have been a mama for days before I find out about it.
Just wait, when you guys go on vacation, I'm gonna do something all crazy, like take in 3 sets of twins and post all kinds of crazy stuff while your gone and you'll miss it all! That'll learn ya.

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Anita said...

I can relate and I seriously feel for you! But what a great time to spend with Gma!

Nothing earth shattering happened here, other than we learned more about the little blonde girl and are with the possibilities. I mean it could happen!