Monday, May 19, 2008

* IT * has happened

Friday our subdivision had a community yard sale.
Me & the boy went to a neighbor a few streets over to have a look around.
Now I'll be honest. Like most people who live in subdivisions I don't know my neighbors. (a disgrace, I know) But with work & kids and life in general, this happens.
Anyway...a new family had moved in, it was to their house we went.
I sure hope it was their teenage daughter & not the mom who made me pout all day. SURELY, a grown woman would never have uttered these words!
The Boy, he is a shy one around people he does not know. So when we went for our little walk he was holding onto my hand for dear life. And if you try to talk to him, he'll be wrapped around my leg so tight, you'll need a crowbar to get him off.
So the nice girl was trying to talk to him, and the more she talked the harder he wrapped around me. AND THEN SHE SAID:
"Boy, you sure must love your grandma, your holding on awfully tight to her."
*insert cricket sounds here*
I gathered my composure and said,"No, I'm his mom, but I feel like his grandma most days." It was all I could come up with on such short notice!
I expected this a little later on. I'M 42 for heaven's sake, not 70!
Yes, I know I'm a MEME (grandma, if you must) But HEY, I started young, I'm from Tn.
I actually came home, looked in the mirror & thought dang, do I really look like this boy's grandma? Then I began to rationalize...I didn't have on any makeup, I just woke up, my hair wasn't looking too great. Then I thought, " oh well, none of it changes the fact, I AM HIS MAMA. Just as no one thought I was old enough to have his older sister, so many years ago. Now they think I'm too old for this one.
I think I want a tshirt that says, NO, I'm his mama!
I'm sure the worst is yet to come.


SonSon said...

That sounds like something my sister would say. She's always sticking her foot in her mouth in a big way like that. And it's not that she is thinking anything insulting, she just speaks before any thoughts of an alternate possibility enter her brain.

And when I was a teen, anything over 25 was old. Which means I am now well past my prime at 35. Nowadays though you can be a mom - or grandmother for that matter - at almost any age.

Unknown said...

No nothing changes you being his Mama.

My Mom had my sister at 40, so I don't think it's too old.

I have to say I have been asked if I was my daughter babysitter.

Anita said...

My mouth hanging open and my eyes are bulging out of my head!!! It has never occurred to me that this could ever happen!!! Oh my, what will I do when caring for my kid and I'm referred to as "grandma." Oh the horrors!!! I'm sorry!