Friday, May 23, 2008

Is It Guilt?

I have found since being a stay at home mom with the boy now, has turned me into a blog junkie!
Of course I am drawn to foster care/adoption blogs. I love reading blogs. As a matter of fact I find most of my day I read blog after blog. Link from this good blog to another good blog on their blog, ect, ect.
Since I read alot of foster or adoption type blogs, I have started to feel We got David just a little too easily. Does that make sence?
I read over and over the heart ache/break of foster to adopt and the endless tales of horrible SW. And God knows we have had our share. (and still do with the foster babies)
But over and over in my mind after reading some of these blogs, I wonder how & why we got a perfectly healthy 7 month old baby boy, that we were not even looking for! As most of you know, we were foster ONLY. Our girls were grown and mostly gone. But we fell in love with him, birth mom never showed back up to work a case plan, TPR was done and then it was a waiting game.
I'm not sure what I'm trying to say. I think I feel guilty & undeserving, because in the beginning we didn't want to adopt him. All the wonderful women who read my blog, they deserve a David of their own too.
But I feel blessed beyond measure too. I need to remember God gave us this boy for a reason & a purpose. I want to raise a man after God's own heart, just like his name sake.
Please know, God's timing is the best timing. Even when your not expecting it.
I hope this doesn't ramble or sound crazed. It's just something I've been thinking about.


Torina said...

I am so glad you and David did not have a long ordeal. That is what children and families DESERVE. It sucks that his birthmom disappeared but he is blessed to have you in return. We should all be so lucky. We need to hear more stories like yours :) Try not to feel guilty.

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

You should feel guilty you "ol grandma"!
I'm just playing.God meant for David to be yours,you should rejoice.Shout it from the roof tops.Don't worry about the rest of us,Gods got us covered too.In his time.

AfricaBleu said...

I agree with Jill--obviously, this little boy was meant for your family. And what a lucky boy he is, indeed.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

I understand what you mean. My husband and I adopted 3 gorgeous girls, almost 3 years ago.

Like you, we weren't sure about adoption, but God had a plan for our family in place. Parental rights were already terminated, and less than one year from beginning the licensing process, we were a legal family.

We have had friends who lost children they were hoping to adopt, and we've also had other friends with easy adoptions like ours.

There's no rhyme or reason that WE can see, but God's got his hand on each situation.

Liz said...

well i am a blog junkie too. i follow people who comment on my blog over to there blogs..then on to the people who comment on their's an endless , addictive cycle!!

Anonymous said...

No guilt, friend! It's nice to see an "easy" victory now and then! Not that it's ever totally easy...

Anonymous said...

God does really give good gifts.

Charlie Muessemeyer

Anita said...

Hey revel in it! You give the rest of us hope! David is precious and you are blessed!

kelly said...

blogs are a wonderful thing. they open a whole new world, full of people who totally understand & "get" you.

as for your question regarding my little shop, i haven't done a four strand bracelet, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. would you prefer something with four strands so each "child" is separate? have you checked out my etsy site?

we can figures something out for you.