Monday, May 05, 2008


The Boy likes to help! He will, as a matter of fact "help" you to death at times.
Please note the "bear hat". You may remember it from our January "blizzard".
However, it is now 80 degrees. Nice and toasty here. He insisted on wearing the hat while he helped me in the yard. I think the gardening gloves add a nice touch. He can't quite put his fingers in the right holes, so they just kind of hang there off his hands most of the time.
AND yes, I know, he should not have a bobbi (pacifier) at 2.5. But IIII am a wuss. I am trying to only give it to him at naps & bedtime. But let's just say that ain't working out just the way I planned it. (any ideas??)
It took about 3 hours for him to help pull 1 clump of grass. By that time, I was so tired I needed a nap. Staying at home may not be so bad after all.


Perri said...

They say if you cut a big hole in the nipple part, there is no suction, so no satisfaction, so no reason to have one.

I just rolled the car window down and flung Zac's into a corn field (my only ever deliberate littering) but he realized it was GONE and not coming back.

Although - I almost went back for it to quiet his screams. He got over it.

Unknown said...

I've heard the hole in the binky strategy, too. Didn't work for us. She just screamed.

And screamed.

And screamed.

And then, for good measure, she screamed some more.

She is finally only using it for bed and naps, but I dread the day that we try to stop it altogether.

Good luck!

The bear hat is adorable BTW.


Susan said...

Ella is now four and still using her binky. We had it down to just at night, then she had her surgery and needed it all the time. This week I have been locking it up during the day. I am hoping to take it away altogether in the next few weeks. Peter was four when we finally took his away. I'm not sure he has forgiven me yet. . .

Anita said...

Love the pic!