Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It's been 2 weeks now....
AND it's not as bad as I thought it would be. We play, & watch pablo (Backyardigans) and I see him grow in vocabulary, and his imagination everyday. Something I wasn't really aware of before. And a real biggie, no more melt downs 3 times a week for no reason after we picked him up from daycare.
Time flies at home, where at work I thought I'd lose my mind, the time dragged most days.
It's nice to know too that we can plan to go somewhere and I don't have to worry if someone else has it off, or I've used all my days or just flat out can't afford to be short handed, NO. I think that is the most freeing part. I can do what I want and it's none of anybody else's business.
I was feeling a cold coming on last week, and felt yucky. I thought, dang I don't feel like going in feeling like this, but I have to. My dear husband reminded me, NO, I didn't. He said to put The Boy in bed with me & watch cartoons all day! What a guy! Now that felt good. Not having to go into work when I felt like crud.
Of course there is that pesky drawback of not having a little extra paycheck. So now I have to
COOK more often. I'm not a cooking kind of person. I get in a cooking rut. I need to work on that. The husband deserves that much at least for working so hard, so I can stay home and watch cartoons!


Unknown said...

Congrats on being home...the cooking part gets easier.

Head to the library, the park and grocery store. you will find your days busier than ever. And you will get to spend the evenings at home with your family!

Kellie with an "ie" said...

I'm so happy for you, and the little guy, of course! My recommendation for making cooking more fun is to go to - all of the recipes are rated and reviews are written by the people who have actually made the dishes. I always go there when I'm looking for some inspiration. I've found some of my very best recipes there. Happy cooking!

kelly said...

what a fun change for you. i remember that first month or so, after quitting my job... it was definitely an adjustment! have fun!

Anita said...

Keeping my husband in meals is the toughest part of my day! I totally relate to the cooking rut. I hate telling him "lunch meat sandwiches again?" Well! He eats a LOT and I plan for leftovers but there aren't any!