Monday, October 22, 2007


Who would you be if...
you could be a mix of your favorite blogs you read?? And Why?

I would be Perri, because she is smart and funny and sure looks like she can cook. And appears she has the patients of a saint and very inventive and FULL of energy(that I covet!)and knows what it's like to start a young family, when your not so young.
I would be thepioneerwoman because she lives on a ranch and take awsome pictures, tell a mean story, has a crazy since of humor and gets to look at cowboys all day !
I would be antique mommy because she is funny & real and knows what it's like to have a young'n, when your not!
I would be Joshilyn Jackson, Well, who wouldn't want to be? She's the best southern writer since my beloved Lewis Grizzard! and she's funny, and can write, she's real and not all uppity.
I would be Tnfarmgirl, cause really I am one. God, my husband and the military (not really in that order or maybe so) stuck me in this sub division with yard natzi. Anyway, back to Tnfarmgirl. They live off the land, in God's very own country, and she makes EVERYTHING! AND I am ever so jealous of her and her ability to do that.
and smockityfrock, boys does she evergy and creativity!
OK, I could probably go on forever.
But now it's your turn.......

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