Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is ANTHING easy about adopting from foster care?

Something, anything! ?
Why? WHY? does any and everything cause the whole system to grind to a halt?
This boy has been legally adoptable since 8/31/07. We have had him since 7/06. We've been foster parents for 3 years. There is nothing they don't know about us, our house, our pets or our septic tank(don't ask) At any given time there is at least 1 social worker/therapist in my house once a week.Dfacs has every shred of paperwork on us that's possible to have. Last week they said we may have a court date for the adoption by next week! yea, yea!
I get an email today that says our 18 yr old did'nt sign her finger print card! It'll be at least 6-8 weeks to have those processed, maybe a little longer since the "system" is backed up. OK, she didn't sign the card, I understand that. BUT, BUT it's not like she came to live with us yesterday, she's been around, oh, say for about 18 years and they've had these finger print cards since she turned 18 in MAY!
I wish I could rant and rave to someone who could make a difference in this thing we call the "system". Do you want to know WHY people go outside the country to adopt? WHY you can't get good foster families to stay? Why people literally give up trying adopt the kids you've placed with them?
We have to tell you every minute detail of our lives, marriage, families, right down to things we've never told a living soul and you "the system" maintain the right to not tell us a single thing to help us parent, love, bond or give these kids a family.
I wonder where foster care & foster to adopt will be in 10 years? Better than today? or nonexistant, because no one is capable or has the desire to deal with the system?


Heidi Kellems said...

Pardon me if this is politically incorrect but "THE SYSTEM SUCKS!!!!" Sorry I just feel that way watching the children we have had in our home over the past year and now our new additions.

Anita said...

Just joining you here, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll come back when I have more time to read up.

Just starting the foster to adopt journey and we are exhausted already!

These children need forever families. Why does the system make it soooooooooooo hard? The children are missing out!

BlessedWithDaughters said...

Sister, I've read this top post and I already love you. We got out of foster care a couple of years ago after being burned (after putting in four ridiculous and painful years)...BUT we did adopt our beautiful oldest daughter through the system.

Our past caseworker/adoption worker just accepted a position to re-vamp a private foster agency, and I'm considering taking a job with her as part of her "think tank" to try to figure out how to make it all work better for everyone involved. If I do take the position, I'll be looking to my blog buddies for inspiration! We'll see...

I'll be checking back in...feel free to visit at my "place" anytime.