Sunday, October 07, 2007

We Sit We wait We stew over THE system......

Why does the "system" keep children in longer than they need to be there? TPR was done August 31st. We've been foster parents for years. They have all the papers in the world they need. Plus we have been his foster parents for ohhhhhh say 15 months now. So they've been in our house at LEAST once a month for 15 months, so we must be at the least tolerable foster parents, good enough to raise him lo, these past 15 months. SO why in God's name is it taking so long to get the adop0tion hearing on court docket?
They wonder why good foster parents are hard to find. Why we get so upset or feedup with the whole thing. Am I missing something? Being too hard on them? Not giving them the time needed? paperwork HA? PLEASE, they know more about me than any entity on earth, maybe even my husband!
I get so tired of the" you"ll be hearing from me next week phone call" one of those at this point is 2 months old, still haven't heard from HER. The last one, bless her heart is only 3 weeks old. But tomorrow is Monday, maybe it will bring a phone call. HEY....I have nothing better to do than wait on our fate with DFACS. I'm making a big deal out of nothing.
Dang, I am starting to get too sarcastic. They are changing my very personality.
Maybe time to throw in that proverbial towel.


Anita said...

Honestly! What IS the hold up! You were good enough to be his foster parents for the past 15 months, the adoption should be flawless from here! It's maddening!

I should be more supportive, I'm sorry. He is your son in your heart, adoption doesn't change that.

BlessedWithDaughters said...

I am so with you about the personality change issue... it really does change how we behave and feel, doesn't it? I became a very different person in the course of our foster/adoption journey.