Saturday, October 27, 2007


I. SAID. NO....
TO DFACS! I'm not proud of myself. I've never told them that we can't take anymore children. But I realized after last week when they called for us to take in a sibling group of 3 & we told them we had no bed/care space for them. and they said "are you sure?" they neather have our best interest at heart (OVER LOADED, NEARING BREAKDOWN) Nor do they have the best interest of the kids. Who wants to double up in strange beds, with so many kids, ect? So my husband told them NO, since they called him on those kids.
But yesterday, they called me for a sibling grp of 2. Well if they want to sleep in the floor and ride on the roof, we can take them! She actually paused to think about this!! And then I said, I'm sorry, we really are over our "quota" anyway. and there is just no room. I SAID NO!
I'm so proud of myself! and my sanity patted me on the back!


Anita said...

"NO" can be so empowering! I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns on what you can and cannot do!

AfricaBleu said...

My best friend was a foster parent who adopted one of her foster kids. She was all the time in a quandry because of the constant calls to take "just one more." She finally just had to say no more. It's really sad that it had to come to that, but they really do overwork the foster parents they have in the system.

Perri said...

good for you! You have to do what's best for your family, because they are sure not going to be taking that into consideration.

BlessedWithDaughters said...

I so understand. I can't tell you how many times we had to tell our agency "No." You're right...they're just about filling beds and finding quick fixes waaaaayyyyy too often. It's gotta be about the kids and about you being able to give them the best care possible. No one can do it when they're too overextended.

Good for you!