Sunday, October 07, 2007


I am convinced that the whole world is kept in it's orbit by the very hope,faith & love every mother has in HER child, to do and be and carry one every good and right "thing" we have taught and prayed for them. Without that hope and faith we mother's have, what would the world be like?


Perri said...

D - the recipe for the cheesecake is on the post. Just click on the underlined word. :)

Marci said...

Thanks for signing up for my Count Your Blessings Monday. What is your blessing you are counting today?

Heidi Kellems said...

I LOL'd about Cleveland. SMALL WORLD!!! It cracks me up because over the past years I have known at least one person who went to Lee from the time I left there until now. We live in a small community but word of mouth definitely has brought Lee to be near a lot of people's hearts up here. I know one girl there now and my daughter has thoughts of going there when she graduates.