Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Did anyone watch Montel Monday? Me neither. Kinda.
I hate daytime TV. But it was left on after the Today show went off, so there it was.
As I worked in the kitchen, which I am apt to do. tee hee
I heard adoption and looked and paid semi attention.
He was talking to a couple who had been scammed by an adoption agency. They were telling him how they had been taken for $14,000.00 before they even had been matched with a baby & that they knew something was up when the agency said they might need more money to give officials to "make things move along." But the mother at that point said she did not do it, because she would feel like she would have been buying a baby.
Then the camera moves to Montel, mouth agape, who stated he just could not believe that it would cost that much to adopt a baby. HE SAID. and what reason is there, that 2 people who are good people, who want and can raise a child, just not be given a child who has no parents!!!!!!!!!! and he said a whole lot more but I stopped listening because I wanted to laugh so hard as to pee my pants and then go slap him.
#1 Those adoptive parents, people if you spend money, that much money, YOU bought it.
Maybe some day, people wont have to mortgage their houses, drain their bank accounts, beg, borrow & steal to adopt, but that time isn't now. I tell my daughter, she is bought and paid for. Twice. I did not sneak in a back alley and pay some underhanded baby stealer for her. But money and alot of it in my 0pinion, did change hands in a legal way. BUT I did pay money for her.
#2 Montel aint right in the head or lives under a rock. Did he really think that's how adoption happens? It would be nice if it was nice and free. Or heck, I'd be happy to just pay court costs.
I do understand the point the woman was making. However, what do you call it when alot of money exchanges hands when you adopt a baby? I call it : my daughter who I paid alot of money for.
And Montel? I wish it wasn't a money making business, but it is. 14 billion I believe was his estimate.
Feel free to give me your opinions. I like learning new things.


Torina said...

Hmmm. I got my kid for free, well, um, wait a second. There was the court fees and the homestudy, and the 6 months of gas and hotels and time off of work. Wait a second. My daughter cost me thousands and they told me she was supposed to be free. SNAP! I got screwed. Only kidding. She is priceless but did come with a pricetag. Even adopting kids from foster care where there is "assistance" is very expensive, Montel.

Anita said...

No, I didn't watch Montel. I have enough aggrevation in my life.

Although, if anyone told me, or my kid for that matter, that I "bought" my kid or "paid for" my kid I'd be forced to flick a booger on them!

D said...

hehe, funny Pewee. That's one of my BF favorite phrases,"flick a booger". funny.
I don't really care one way or the other. Depending on the person & their attitude. Part of my daughters "story" is what we had to do/went through coming up with 40,000.00 to pay all the atty fees, court fees, flying here and there, ect. She has great pride, if thats the word, that we would go to such great lengths/hardships just to call her our daughter.

AfricaBleu said...

I believe Montel DOES both live under a rock and "ain't right in the head." Blerg.