Sunday, April 13, 2008


I can't believe I forgot to tell you!
The baby left as quickly as he came. I got a call Friday afternoon. The SW said,"D, if you can't take all 3, could you bring the baby in at 5:oo today?" I said,"nope, can't take them all, be there at 5:00."
We gathered up his few things and took him in.
The whole time we were there she kept asking if we were sure we didn't want all 3.
They know ALL MY cribs/beds are full. That we have an adoption on Tues. AND it would give me 3 babies under 3 yrs old. Supposed to be a big red flag (for burn out) But I guess it's their job to ask. Mine to say No, when I have to.
So he is back with his sibs, hopefully in a good foster home. I got a feeling they wont be going back home anytime soon. Yet another one to think about and pray for.
I got a great nights sleep Friday night!
I guess it's always good to be reminded of your limits. No school age kids, and no babies that don't sleep thru the night (until I quite work)still no school age kids, public school just gets on my nerves too much!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to y'all and especially to David for finding such a wonderful Mama! *grin*

I've been waiting for this post!!!!

Cyber hugs and Cyber cheers!



Anita said...

Patience is a virtue that you possess, my friend!