Friday, April 25, 2008


It must be spring in the land of GA*

While out planting tomatoes, I saw the first humming bird. He sprinted to the new petunias, then swept away just as fast. I guess it's time to put out the feeders.

On adoption related news. David's final adoption decree came in the mail. The Atty said not to expect a birth certificate for at least 6 months! Of course we only got 4 certified copies of the decree & are not able to get anymore with out moving heaven & earth & petitioning the court to open the sealed adoption record to get another copy. So needless to say, these decrees are like gold. But of course, everybody under the sun wants a copy "for their files". The doctor,to change names on medical records, the social security office for a ss#, the insurance co. to put him on our Ins. The day care center, ect, ect. But you only get 4 certified copies. Can no one just take a copy of the original? *GEEZ*


Unknown said...

Up here in OH, most places just made a copy for their own records and gave me back the original...see if you can talk them into doing that. I think even Soc. Security gave me back my originals (I went in to their office).

OK, I'm jealous of Georgia. Still not safe to plant anything yet up here.

Anita said...

I like the yogurt face!

Perri said...

Maybe you can take an official copy to a notary along with a certification of sorts that you type up (or I will for you) and have some copies notarized for some needs. Rub a pencil over the seal on one to show it on the copies.

Kellie with an "ie" said...

What a beautiful phrase - "Final Adoption Decree" - and what a beautiful little dirty face! Thanks for sharing!

AfricaBleu said...

GOOD GRIEF what a cute face! Worth the aggravation, I'd warrent. Too bad all those red-tape slavemasters don't have cutie pie faces like that--one might actually be tempted to give them what they want!