Friday, April 11, 2008


I get a call at 7:00pm. They have taken in a sib group of 3. They have placed the oldest but have no where for an 18 month old & 3 yr old. I tell them, call me if NO ONE. (as in no one on the face of this planet) can take the 18 month old. ahhhh, at 9:00 my husband says, well I guess they found a place. Let's go to bed. (he gets up at 3:30am) I stupidly said OK. It's been 2 hours. Then the phone rings.........
"uh D, you know the 18 month old we called you on"
"Does it matter he's not 18 months old?"
"Well, how old is he?"
"ummm, he's 6 weeks old"
"Wow, that's a big difference, you couldn't find anybody else?"
"no. The SW that called you, is at the hospital now,doing an intake on a newborn."
OH, well then....I wasn't planning on sleeping for a few days. Even if I do have to work."
"They other SW, said you would bring him to the house since it's so late."
"NO, we can't do that. We have the other 2 at the police station. Can you please come down here? It's getting late."
We get dressed, go to the police station and there is mom in all her drugged out glory, with 3 kids. Telling the oldest, it's going to be OK, I'll get you tomorrow. ( I know she's on her way to jail, after this exchange happens) WHY? do they do this to their kids? All this "stuff" has happend with SW & cops and now you lie to the kid to boot? And she was old enough to understand. Now they may be all together in one house, but God only knows how long that will take. another of the older kid's concerns, fueled by mom I might add. Saying I don't know how long it will be before you see your baby brother!
I think they had 5 intakes tonight. Where are they all going to go?
We got home about 10:30pm, after mom staggers though telling me how to take care of the baby. Cute little fella, brown hair, chubby cheeks and NO immunizations!! On what she said was a 5 week preemie! un- believe-able. bUT, SHE wants to make sure I know how to take care of the baby. Sad or irritating? I don't know, I've not figured it out after all these years and it happens every time too.
The first SW to call swore, it would only be temporary. (INSERT MANIC LAUGHTER) She said, I could say move him now and it would be SO! Whatever. They do want to keep sib groups together, so since I WILL NOT TAKE the other 2, they may move him soon.
Well it's 12:30am now. He's slept for 1 whole hour and is waking up. I must remember in my no sleep stupor, mommy rule #1. Sleep when they sleep!
More details tomorrow, or I guess make that later today.......... I am too much of a sap or sucker or insert word here!


Perri said...

You're a good woman, Charlie Brown.

Kellie with an "ie" said...

You are a wonder!

Anita said...

No idea how you do it. Prayers, friend!

Anonymous said...

That is so sad. And that kind of bio-mom is the hardest to work with. I had one like that once...every visit, she would literally strip the kids down during the visit and would throw a hairy canary if she found any scrapes, bumps or bruises ( get those just by walking around, breathing...). It was just supremely ironic, considering why the kids had come into care in the first place! Very frustrating to have to interact with that woman.

Anyway, can't wait to hear more about the new addition and whether or not he'll be staying for a while...keep us posted!