Thursday, March 04, 2010


If the media doesn't stop referring to Marie Osmond's son, as her "*adopted" son, I SWEAR I'm gonna loose my mind.
Please take it from me, she doesn't think of him as her *ADOPTED SON!
STOP IT! He is her *SON. period.


Mothering4Money said...


chimakuni said...

As an adoptive mom...yes, we always 'know' our children are selectively chosen for us and we, too, are adopted by God through Christ.

I am adopted by Him who created me because of His Love and not on my own merits.

Marie never made a big deal about the fact that she some of her children are biological and some of her children are adopted.

Offer up your irritations of the press for some praying for those in foster homes to find permanent homes - or for good placements for your children while they await their coming home to you!

Due to the scourge of abortion, some potential aborting moms might see that adoption is a loving perhaps it is good that it is in the press (although, poor Michael was very troubled - God rest his soul).

Be at peace in Christ this day -

StarfishMom said...

We just had that conversation this morning. What a way to give a kid some issues!!! Pathetic!

Perri said...

Or the headline I saw today,,,,her "tragic" son.