Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yearly Review

Wednesday is our annual recertification/review for our foster care license. Usually I would be cleaning like a mad woman. Cleaning carpets, baseboards & trying to reach the chandelier that's 22 feet up in the entry way. (I haven't reached it in 8 yrs) But this year I just can't work up the "want to". They've treated us so badly over the past couple of years, I just don't care. We have quarterly reviews too, which we just had one a month ago & I didn't care then either. It's not like there's not a SW in my house at least twice a month. If my house didn't meet some unknown standard,it seems they would have said something.
~sigh~ I'll probably be cleaning like a mad woman Tuesday night.
noooo, maybe I'll just mop and clean off the counters and call it a night.


Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...

lol :)

Im sad to hear how badly you have been treated. I dont understand.... I think SW's are so hardened by what they see "on the other side"

I hope it goes well... and I hope you are having fun with your littles!!!

Carrie said...

Oh that stinks! We've been licensed for almost 6 weeks now, with no placement(s). Our SW told us when we were initially licensed that she'd meet with us again in 60 days to check up on things and see how we were doing. Ummm....are we even going to have a placement by then? Sheesh.

All of that to say, I'd probably just mop and clean off the counters like you suggested.

Good luck!

Susan said...

At this point I just make sure the sharp objects (butcher knives) are out of sight and that there is a fire lane in case we need to escape!

Anonymous said...

I remember that feeling (not so fondly)..."to clean or not to clean..." Hope you took the easy road, for your own sake!

Sorry I've been neglecting any and all blogs lately, including my own. Just haven't had anything really to talk about and haven't taken all that many pictures. Things are very, very status quo!

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

Funny (our) worker came last week,and I didnt even get out of my sweat pants,and wore my hair in a bun.Same thing,I'm tired of it all!Kiddos workers still are planning a drop in,so for them I am trying to keep things in order,I don't want to blow anything we are so close.But after we sign,thats it,I plan to kick back and let my dishes pile up and leave my bed unmade if I feel like it!