Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Full Circle

We got a call yesterday for a 4 month old. And like something crazy I took him.
We go pick him up. I ask the inevitable question,"will this be long term?" "Oh, no she says, the grandparents want him, they are having a home study done, and if not them, then the couple who adopted his 5 yr old brother wants him very badly."
That's fine. I filed the info away for later use.
After our busy day, I hadn't had time to read what little case file comes with him. So last night I took the time to read it. Way, wayyyy back in a corner, found accidentally on some old WIC papers was Bmom's name. I said NOOOOOO, surly not. I remembered
the name from one of our very first placements. A little boy who at 18 months had been through hades and back. He came to us with a broken leg & had been left in a crib for very long periods of time. After a time we thought he was severely autistic. We were literally held hostage in our home. We couldn't go anywhere. OHHHHh the scenes that boy would make. Someone almost called the police one time. They would call me everyday from daycare to come get him. He was jumping off bookcases & actually breaking into the locked closets with the markers & bleach! They called him Houdini because he could get out of any door, locked or not. The Sunday school workers for his age, I know were praying we didn't come on the day they had his age group!
So, I save the charts I make on all our children, I check this boy's chart and lo and behold it's the same Bmom's name & for good measure I check the boy's date of birth, yep just turned 5 a few months ago. COINCIDENCE?? I think NOT. I don't even think Dfac*s has put it together.
I'm just thankful our little guy from 4 yrs ago was adopted. I just knew because of his problems he would be deemed unadoptable and sent to an institution. It would be great if these saintly people who adopted his brother could adopt this one too. Beautiful, Beautiful children.
I guess if you do this foster care thing long enough you come full circle many times over.


Lovingmyamazinglife said...

Thats crazy.I agree,we never know at what point each day we can relax and not worry about a knock at our door,we have been shutting our driveway gate,it atleast buys us some time!We have footed the bill since day 1,because kiddos agency says their tapped out.We get per diem,but never anything else,for 5 1/2 months,no reimbursments on anything,no bday,no allowance,no clothes,nothing.They can waiver from the manual and all it says,but we can not.We feel %99 sure we are done with them soon,unless God steps in.To stressful.

Mothering4Money said...

Why not place this child with the people who have the bio brother? Or are they just adoption, not foster? I don't even know why I try to make sense of it all anymore.

At least they are calling y'all again.

D said...

Blood is thicker than adoption 'round here. Meaning when the 5 yr old was adopted he had NO siblings. Legally they are not related. So the gparents are the baby's closest relative & as a relative he will go to them if the pass the home study. Now if they didn't want him, they would concider the adoptive parents first.

Susan said...

We have taken a placement because the bio-mom asked for us. We had cared for her older child when she was born and she had another one. That was full circle for me.

Anita said...


The Brothers said...

Wow. Weird. Doesn't it do your heart good that 5 yo has a family who isn't so overwhelmed by him that they're up for the baby, as well? That's a good sign!